Deco signboard for your craft room by Priss

Hello Rubber Dance Friends, 

It's me, Priss BlaFu (@ARTful.Layers), and today I'm showing you this decorative signboard for your craft room or wherever you want to hang it. 

For this project, I was inspired by April's mood board. Did you see it? Is gorgeous.

Seeing the photo of the umbrella in the spring rains made me think of mushrooms. That's why I ran to get my set of Textured Mushrooms and started stamping them.

You can find other inspirations with this stamp set here and here.

To make my sign I used a piece of cold-pressed watercolor paper and glued it onto a piece of cardboard to give it more support.

Then I made a texture on my paper similar to a worn and slightly oxidized surface, for which I used my pastes with iron and liquids to oxidize it. I also irregularly stamped here and there some of my favorites stamps of the Mixed Media Marks 3 set.


For the mushrooms, I previously painted a yupo paper with pink and yellow alcohol inks similar to the tones on the mood board. From that mix of colors I also got some beautiful orange tones.

I stamped all the mushrooms set with white embossing powder and melted it. Then I cut out all the shapes and made my composition by sewing ribbons, papers, fabrics and putting lots of threads under the pieces.

To express my sentiment, I used the quote "You don't have to be perfect" from the set Flowers Gone WildThis reminds me that we could find beauty in imperfection and that this also allows us to be free and more relaxed with what we do, especially with our art.

The last part was to punch two holes, put the eyelets, and attach a two-colored silk ribbon (made from Indian sarees). 

Now It's ready to hang in your craft room. Please enjoy making art and don't think if you are doing it perfectly or not.

Remember that our beautiful April´s Mood Board continues in the Rubber Dance Stamping Lounge on Facebook and you have the opportunity to win a 10€ voucher for the Rubber Dance Shop. We hope to see you there.

Hope you like it and enjoyed it!!

Priss XOXO

These are the stamps I used:

Mixed Media Marks #3

Textured Mushrooms

Flowers Gone Wild


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