Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Handmade Handbook

Hi, folks! Bibi here with a fun hands-on project!

I was flipping through some old stamp magazines the other day when I saw a card in the shape of a hand. It was made from a template, but hey - who needs a template when you already have one at hand?

I traced my hand on a piece of cardstock, cut it out and used that template to make three more hands. If you trace your own hand four times, chances are the cardstock hands won't look exactly the same - but maybe that's what you want.

All the hands were cut out of white cardstock. I smooshed some Distress ink using foam applicators to color the hands, then lightly misted them with water for the speckle effect I like so much. I also used the Face-lifting technique to highlight some areas. The hands were bound together using eyelets and a string of cotton lace that I dyed with Distress inks.

Before I added glitter glue to the nails, I painted them with a white marker to keep the ink underneath from seeping through the glitter.

Welcome to my nail salon!

A bird in the hand ....

All stamps are from the sheet #B3-M: A little birdie told me.

... is worth more than two in the bush
All stamps are from the sheet #NP1-M: I Love Leaves

Let there BEE music!

Stamps: #A1-5C Large Bee, #M1-4H Sheet Music, #BK2-4E: Lace, 
#BK1-1E: Grunge Swirls, Hand stamp from #BK2-5G: Collage Elements

Anyone can do this ....
Stamps: #BK1-3E: Diamonds, #BK1-4E: Vintage script, 
Paper doll stamp from #BK1-7G: Collage Elements, 
Sentiment from #SET2-M: Think Again

The sentiment in a frame was stamped on the dark background, then I used the Face-lifting technique to make the area inside the frame lighter. Be careful with that red ink or you might get caught red handed! *

*To be taken with red hand in ancient times was to be caught in the act, like a murderer with his hands red with his victim's blood. The use of red hand in this sense goes back to 15th-century Scotland and Scottish law. Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe (1819) contains the first recorded use of taken red-handed for someone apprehended in the act of committing a crime. The expression subsequently became more common as caught red-handed (Quote from

Supply list:

A handful of stamps from Rubber Dance:
White cardstock
Pencil to trace your hand
Inks (I used Distress and Black Archival)
Mini mister
Color pencils
White marker
Glitter glue

Thank you for stamping by. I hope you liked my handiwork! :-)


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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Gold Embossed Cats

Hi there, Bibi here with a few quick, easy and fun techniques for you to try out!

I became so inspired by Judi Kauffman's Fifteen Cats the other day that I whipped up a few of my own. 


All my cats are embossed with gold on watercolour paper. Some of them are coloured in using watercolour pencils (top row), which gives you control of the colours, and some are sprayed with ink (bottom row) on wet watercolor paper - which gives you less control, but it's fast, cool, and ridiculously easy! 

When I use watercolour pencils, I like to scribble some colour on the side of the paper and pick colour up with a waterpen or paint brush. That way I can also mix the colours before adding them to my stamped image.

This is what my sheet of ink sprayed cats looked like before I cut the images out. I love how the colours mix and blend together, usually in a very surprising manner leaving some interesting patterns. I like letting go, having little or no control of what happens with the colours when they take on a life on their own.

I also spray inked a sheet of watercolour paper that I used to cut out these swirls (a Tim Holtz die):

Watercolour cats and more ink sprayed swirls. The sentiment is stamped on some left over paper from the swirl sheet.

I found this piece of pink dry embossed cardstock with hearts in my box with scraps. The bright green piece above it was white cardstock that I coloured with the same watercolur pencil I had used on the cat's eyes and the stars. The small black circles are made with an office hole punch.

All the stamps used on these cards are from Rubber Dance. 
Night Cat:
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Thank you for stamping by!


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