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Recap January - lots of inspiration!

Hello ladies & gangsters! It's Bibi here today (the owner of Rubber Dance), with what I personally think is one of the best recaps we've had so far!   Can you believe that the first month of this brand new year is nearly over already?? I know I can't! But that's what the calendar says, and you know what that means ... well, other than that February will follow shortly. The end of a month also means that I want to share some of the cool stuff that have been made with my stamps this month. So, here goes - in alphabetical order as usual: Anita: Bibi: (Butterfly Chipboard from EyeConnect Crafts) Craftyfield (Guest Designer): Gail: (Cat chipboard from EyeConnect Crafts) Liesbeth (Guest Designer): Irit: Katy: Kristiina: Majo: Susan: Susanne: How about that

Altered Chipboard Butterfly + Giveaway

Message in Norwegian : Hvis du foretrekker å lese dette innlegget på norsk, kan du gjøre det og samtidig bli med på giveawayen på den andre bloggen vår ved å klikke her. Hello everyone! Bibi here today with a fun project, using the Totem Monarch Poppet chipboard from EyeConnect Crafts . I had such a blast with this and I hope what I've made will inspire you to make something similar. The difference between the chipboards from EyeConnect Crafts and others ones I've seen out there, is that they are made to connect (hence the name). There are two categories, one called Lace-Ups which you bind together using ribbons, string, lace, etcetera and another category of chipboards with smaller holes so you can connect the pieces using tiny eyelets or brads. This is what it looks like. The pieces are laser cut, and you easily remove them from the base - save that part and use it as a stencil for another project. Notice there is also a chipboard of the butterfly's