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Recap March Pretties

Hello everyone! It's almost the end of another month and time to share some of the cards and artwork we've made in March. This time I've added a note under each photo so you can see which Rubber Dance stamps have been used on each pretty so it'll be easier to find what you're looking for in the webshop . Humming bird from Vintage Birds, sentiment from A little birdie ..., flowers from Antique Botanicals, Weed Love and Bold & Beautiful Heart stamp from I Heart Art I Heart Art, Old Book Page Stamp, Arty Hearty (love sentiment) Leaf stamps from I Love Leaves, sentiment stamp from Think Again Music Notes, Dancing Woman Collage, Dream from Da Vinci Stamps from For the Birds Trash to Treasure by Katy, step by step tutorial here Stamps from A little Birdie, flower stamps from Bold & Beautiful, sentiment stamp from Think Again Stamps from Round in Circles Flower stamps from Bold & Beautiful Learn ho

Brusho + Bibi = True Love

Hi everyone! Bibi here to share some cards I've made using Brusho and Twinkling H2Os. What a match made in heaven!! Before I go on and on about these products,  I want to stress that I am not affiliated with the manufacturers, nor any of their retailers - just a very happy customer! :-) I heard about Brusho for the first time just a couple of weeks ago when I saw it being used on several projects on a few blogs, and I really, really liked what I saw. Making splashy backgrounds is something I enjoy very much, so when I saw those vibrant coloured backgrounds people made with Brusho, I knew I had to get some!! If you are not familiar with Brusho, they are highly pigmented watercolour/ink powders, currently available in 24 different colours. To use as regular watercolour, one should mix the pigments with hot water to make sure all the ingredients dissolve. I have not done that yet (I got my Brushos 3 days ago!), I've only used the powder as it is, straight out of the bottle. Y