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Recap July - Lots of Inspiration!

Hello, you wonderful FFF's - Friends, Fans & Followers! ♥ It's Bibi here today, and as usual at the end of the month, I'm sharing a selection of the pretties made with stamps from my company, Rubber Dance . Some of these pretties have been posted here on the blog in July, some were posted on the DT's own blogs, and a few on other places in blogland .... This time I will give you the link to the Rubber Dance DT members and our July Guest Designer (pages open in a new window) so you can go to their blogs and become a follower there, too, if you like. They post a lot of pretties that are not for Rubber Dance as well, and I bet you'll want to see what they are up to! Such a lovely group of talented women!! ♥ First are some pretties made my DT member Irit (click link to open her blog) Irit made this faux stone necklace for the Makin' Clay's blog  (step by step). Moon Lady stamp by Rubber Dance. The following pretties are

Bubble Backgrounds by Bibi

Hi everyone! It's Bibi the Boss here (owner of Rubber Dance). Thank you for stopping by on this very fine day (pouring rain here in the south of Norway right now ..., so it's a good day to stay indoors to play & create!) Have you seen all those cool soap bubble backgrounds people make these days? I don't think it's a new technique but it seems to be quite popular right now. I thought it looked really fun to do, and I was right - so much fun it's hard to stop! To do this, you need mixing bowls, water, some soap, liquid ink, drinking straws, light coloured paper, cardstock or tags ... Mix water with some liquid dish washing soap - not too much, just enough to create the bubbles .... The less water you put in your bowl, the less ink you need to add. I tried mixing my soapy water with Brusho pigments and it worked quite well, but I achieved better results with a few drops of Distress reinkers (other brands might work just as well). Now, just blow into a drin

My Altered Book goes Rubber Dance

Hello, how nice to see you here at Rubber Dance art stamps! My name is Gabriele from Art-a-tag and I am a mixed media artist from Germany. Today I want to show you how I use the wonderful Rubber Dance stamps in my projects, like an altered book. I very much like this one, because it has many vintage photographs, which really inspire me. The following video shows a walkthrough to give you an impression of the project. This is my first video, so please be kind with me and forgive the stuttering and "hms" and "ehs" and my searching for words. But I hope you will have some fun with it. You can see how wonderfully Rubber Dance stamps work with mixed media. I can use them with ink or acrylic paint and they blend nicely with the background just the way I like. The following photos show clips of some stamped areas. Mostly I used permanent ink, some are done with acrylic paint. If you need a crisp image, you should stamp on paper and collage the image, like I did