I Wish I Could Art Journal - by Bibi

Hey everyone! I'm not sure whether what I've made for today can be called an art journal page or altered canvas, because it's really neither .. It's not a page in a journal and the "canvas" is a piece of cardboard, so... maybe it's a hybrid of sorts. No matter what it's called, here it is!

And this is what it looks like with the guitar flap open:

The reason why I made this .. "whatever it's called" .... is that I've had this bundle of guitar string-looking wire lying on the floor in my studio for some time. Yes, on the floor! (If you thought I'm a very neat and tidy person, I'm sorry to burst the illusion). I've no idea where that wire bundle came from, and I'm not sure why I hadn't bothered to pick it up... but I've looked down on it from time to time, thinking I could probably use it for something, some fine day...

.... and then, a few weeks ago a friend of mine was visiting, he picked up my old guitar, fixed one of the loose strings, tuned the guitar, and started playing... Ohhhh. I wish I could play the guitar like that!!!! Heck, I wish I could play the guitar, period! I used to know a few cords and some easy songs, but that was a long, looooong time ago... *sigh*

Anyway, so my desire to be able to play the guitar had been rekindled. But the days turned into weeks, and I still hadn't touched my guitar!! What's up with that??? Well, sometimes you really don't have to know the answer to such hard questions. JUST DO IT!! Easier said than done? Yes. I still haven't picked up my guitar ...but I DID pick up that bundle of wire from the floor! That's a start, right? (Haha. Nice try, Bibi!)

So....... I decided to use the wires and journal about my desire to play the guitar, and all my excuses for not doing it. "I don't have the time. I really ought to spend time doing this or that instead. What if it turns out that I cannot do it anymore? What if I discover that I'm never going to be good at it, isn't it better to just keep dreaming? Dreaming is nice!"  What a bowl of macaroni ... If I really want to play the guitar, there is only one thing to do. Maybe I should start taking my own advice from my two stamps: "If you think you can't, think again!" and "Believe in yourself". Yes, maybe I should ....

The adorable chipboard fairy is from Creative Embellishments, I painted it with Twinkling H2Os.
I stamped the sentiment from Rubber Dance on a piece of
copy paper I had kept on the side to test the colours.

Same with this one:

But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Let's rewind back to the very beginning, which was the bottom of a soda can box: 

When painting with Gesso, the rings made a cool pattern.
I also ran a fork-looking thingie through the Gesso for more texture: 

I added some yellow and orange Gelatos
and brown Brusho: 

When I sprayed water over the Gelatos and Brusho,
the cardboard got soaked... so I tore off some of the top layer to reveal the core: 

I used Twinkling H2Os and let it run from the bottom
by holding the cardboard upside down:

When using Twinkling H2Os, you have to add water
and let it sit for a few minutes: 

Background so far.
The guitar on the left side is a photo I printed out and painted with Twinkling H2Os:

I added some plashes of Twinkling H2Os....
unfortunately, the photo does not do the amazing shimmer of the H2Os justice at all: 

The chipboard letters I had were silver,
so I painted them with Silks Acrylic Glaze...
and used the stiff back of a dishwasher sponge to add some dots of colour: 

Both the background and the letters are stamped with Musical Notes
- from Rubber Dance, of course: 
Look! My guitar string-looking wire bundle has been used - finally!

Some efforts to show the shimmer and sparkle of
Silks Acrylic Glaze: 

Here, painted on a metal deco corner:

The flowers are from a candle holder decoration ring that I bought at a second-hand store.
Cheap and pretty:

The letters I used here are made of some kind of  fluffy material,
which I painted with a rather thick mix of Twinkling H2Os
(less water, let it sit longer):

Notice the guitar chords - printed out on copy paper and painted with H2Os.

I printed out the guitar several times; one that I adhered to my background,
one for the flap's left side (which is adhered with some washi tape).....

.... and one for the flap when it's closed.
I painted all of them with Twinkling H2Os

And, finally, a guitar for the back of my page/canvas,
where I jotted down some words on what I wish I could do
and why I don't do what it takes to master the skills:

Front again, flap open:

I wish I could tell you that I HAVE practised guitar playing, but I was too busy making this piece about why I haven't, and then I had to take photos and edit them and upload them and write the text and..... oh, dear - which excuses do I have now that I'm done?? NONE! *gasp*

Other than that I have to walk my dog first ......

Ulla has to go and she has to go NOW!

Thank you for stopping by! I'd love to hear what YOU wish you could do, and what you used to wish you could do that you now CAN! :-) 

All stamps from are from Rubber Dance (which is my stamp company).
Remember that I offer a very reasonable flat fee for shipping - worldwide!
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If you missed it, come back for a new one on May 19th.

Twinkling H2Os and Silks Acrylic Glaze are both from ColourArte and I just found out they're having a SALE right now!! 25 % off all orders! Whooot-whoot! (I am not affiliated, just a very happy customer). Sale runs till April 27th.

Till next time - bee good, learn something new, and keep stamping! :-)



massofhair said…
I wish I could be more confident with both my hand and machine sewing and I can now needle felt both by hand and using an Embellisher. Next thing I would like to do is learn how to create small 3D needle felted animals.

Come on Bibi pick up that guitar and make some noise!!! Love your mixed media page very much, got to use Silkies for the first time yesterday and love them, they are now on my wish list as are IZinks.

Great post, thanks for sharing:-) xxx
Suman Pandit said…
Bibi, your post is as delightful as your creation !! loved how you made the soda can impressions part of the design !! I have a looong list of things I want to do and no excuse ( or plenty of excuses ) for not having done them, one major issue is I tend to get obsessive about any new thing I pick up and then if becomes difficult to balance life , hehe !!!
Mary R. said…
I love your art so much hey the H-20's do they have a black lid ? I had a lady give me some and they are siting in my draw BC i didnt know what they was of course there was no packageing with it just the lose jars so you helped me now i can used them greatyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! thank you so much.
Craftyfield said…
What a gorgeous piece! All the layers, the shine, the drippage... yummy. And it sounds as if you've enjoyed it thoroughly. Maybe you haven't picked up that guitar because in truth you'd rather make Art. I should be picking up my brushes to do a full scale watercolour but never make the time. I think it's because I'd rather stamp than draw (drawing is too much hard work...)
Lizzy Hill said…
What a wonderful creative journey you've taken us on! I did a cardboard art thingy [dunno what you'd call it!] A whiles back....added drink coasters I'd 'fussied' up to it.....Mixed Media Marvel is what I reckon they are! And those alphas look FABULOUS... I always wanted to learn French. No time....so I've downloaded 'Duolingo' & I AM DOING IT!!!!! Go me, eh???!!! It's quite frustrating, but time is running out. More than 1/2 my life is gone....so gotta grab today and do what I can!!!!
Lovely piece Bibi! all of us have excuses for not doing so many things, you are not alone! I hope you do start playing that Guitar soon. Love the way you have used the soda can cover and those chipboard alphabets are my favorite. The guitar flap opening is such a clever thing and love the textures too that you have created.Hugs.
Artatag said…
You rock Rubbah Mama! And you found the right words: believe in yourself! Oh, did Ulla get outside in time?
Big Hugs
Bibi Lindahl said…
Making small 3D felted animals sounds really fun! Let us know when you have learned that, OK? I have tried needle felting only once, at a friend's house in The Netherlands more than 10 years ago ... I enjoyed it a lot, but haven't tried it since... So much to learn, you know ;-)

I promise I'll pick up the guitar and make some noise!! That is what it will be in the beginning... and sore fingertips, but hey - it's worth it, right? :-)

Thank you for sharing and for your kind words about my page!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you so much, Suman! I almost fainted when my man nearly threw out those soda can boxes!!! LOL

I know how it is to have no excuse - aka plenty of excuses ... and also what you say about getting obsessive about the new thing! Now that I want to - and should - be "obsessive" about my company and making more stamps, I am worried that if I started something new it would take up too much time. Balance IS important, though, so maybe that's what guitar playing (and learning Spanish) might give me! Hmmm.... food for thoughts! :-)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you! Glad you liked it. Yes, the H2Os do have black lids, so that's probably what you have. I hope you will enjoy using them, just remember to be patient and let the water sit for a few minutes first. I love that we have to add water ourselves - instead of paying for a jar full of water and paint, we just pay for the paint - and lots of yummmmy shimmer pigments :-)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you! Yes, I really enjoyed making this one - over the corse of 3 days, I think. New ideas emerged while I worked on it.

You might be right, I'd rather make art on my freetime than anything else... so it is a priority, that's for sure.
A full scale watercolour sounds awesome!! I hear you about stamping vs drawing, though. Stamping is so easy! I like instant gratification :-)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks!! Mixed Media Marvel, ohhh I love that! ;-)

Go you, indeed!!! My nephew got me the Duolingo app for learning Spanish, but I didn't look at it yet ... He says it's really good (he takes Spanish now, his first year in highschool).
You're right ... we don't have all the time in the world any more, so why wait? Good advice there. Thanks!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Rupa! I think this is the first time I've added a flip, but I quite liked it so it won't be the last :-)

Yes, I guess making excuses is quite common among us humans, even about things we do want to do (not just doing the dishes and such..). Now that you all know that I DO want to play the guitar, I cannot keep on having excuses! Not regarding that one, anyway .... ;-)

Bibi Lindahl said…
Aw, thanks hon'! "Rubbah Mama", sweet! :-)

Yup, I do need to believe that I CAN play the guitar, or else it's no point trying ...
Ulla had to wait till I had finished this post, but she is quite patient :-)
Big hugs right backatcha!
TwinkleToes2day said…
A superb collage Bibi! I wish I could create good collage pieces consistently. Mostly they're uncoordinated and the elements not cohesive, then one in every ten or so works well. I hate to waste my products so don't practice much. There are waaaayy more things I wish I could do than think I'm ok at.
Anyhoo, I used to wish I could draw but 'couldn't', but now I'm 'ok' with what I produce after having lots of help from dear Tracey Fletcher King and from doing 29 Faces last September.
{{Hugs}} xox
Loved to read your thought process behind this journal page(I would say) :) Beautiful collage, layers and texture, ohh yes I love how you have used Twinkling H2Os here. Beautiful creation!! Love it!
I wish you will start playing Guitar one day.. :)
Susanne Rose said…
Wow Bibi!!! I love it. It has so many many interesting details and I love to read about not touching the guitar. It's funny. My guitar is sleeping as well! I learned it when I was a child and everytime I see a guitar I wish I could play it. I also like to hear that some loose string layed on your floor for some time, so I am not alone LOL...
Great piece of art!!!
2amscrapper said…
This is awesome, Bibi!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks, Twi! I remember you doing the 29 faces and how you developed your drawing skills during that time. Very fascinating! Practise makes perfect :)
I know what you say about uncoordinated collages, I struggle with that, too. I might want to use certain elements only to find out they won't work together at all. I never glue anything down until I know where I want to place things, and often I have to remove some elements, perhaps add other stuff. I don't have a ton of embellishments to use, so it can be hard to find things that'll fit together. However, that's part of the fun - for me, anyway :-)
Hugs back ♥
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Shilpa! I have one thing I could add to my wish list: "I wish I could make mixed media artwork like Shilpa!" I'm a BIG fan of your work.
I will grant you your wish: I WILL start playing the guitar one day! :-D
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks, darling!! Hey, maybe one day we'll meet and play the guitar together! How about that, ey? Would be fun. And of course, if we do meet one day I want to learn how to make mixed media canvases like you! :-)

Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Helene!
Unknown said…
Love this post Bibi - you did make me chuckle - I see myself in your procrastination - I have a guitar and a saxophone both gathering dust!!!! Maybe we just have a stronger art gene than music gene!!! I love this page and the sentiments behind it - that fold out guitar is fab! x
Karen Petitt said…
Erm Bibi - this is journalling huni! And it's beautiful! I envy you being able to play an instrument - I have not got a musical bone in my body- and I envy you that fact too Karen x
Scrumplescrunch said…
Hello Bibi,
The thingi wall Art is gorgeous and who cares if it is not a canvas board or some commercial make, what you have created is natural and meaningful and that is what is important. I hope you learn to play your guitar at some stage.
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks, Helen! I think the fold out gitar is what "made" this page :)
Funny that you, too, have instruments gathering dust... I guess you're right - our art gene is probably stronger than our music gene. (Oh, good - now I have another excuse! LOL)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Karen! Yes, this has to be journaling, especially with what I did to the back? It's just not inside an art journal, that's all. Are you sure you are completely "musical boneless"? Can you hum to a song? Or even sing one? Our voice is a wonderful instrument, you know ;)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Hello Sue,
Thank you! "Wall Art" may be the correct term for my "thingie"! I love using "trash" and inexpensive materials, and I don't think I'll use a store bought canvas until I'm confident that what I make will be something I'd like to hang on a wall.... I'm a cardmaker more than a mixed media artist, but I think it's fun to try :)

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