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Gift Pouches by Angie Coomber

 Hello arty friends, Angie here! I'm always trying to think of alternative ways of wrapping present and trying to avoid materials that can't be recycled, so this time I have been making small gift pouches using book pages, but you could use other papers from your stash. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet for folding little pouches, and whilst I'm not going into a detailed description here I hope the photos give you an idea of what to do, it really is very simple. I've used double sided scrapbook paper so you can see which way I'm folding, and washi tape so you can see where to glue, but I used double sided tape on the actual pouches. I hope I'm making sense!  After making my book page pouches I used the doilie stamps to emboss white and metallic on black paper,  then stamped in shades of blue/turquoise on white paper.  I cut out the Doilies then arranged them on the pouches. I tried to arrange some of the so that the Doilies would line up on the closed

"Hello" by Dot Leathbridge

 Hello everyone, Today I've a step by step tutorial for you showing how this card was created. It was so much fun to do and super easy. I hope you decide to give it a go too. Prepare to get messy! Only 2 paint colours were used, brown and white. However, you could use any colour that you like. I began by laying down some paint on a gel press. I chose this gorgeous stamp from Carved Collection #3 to stamp into the wet paint. It's important to have a water dish on hand to put your stamp into once you  finish stamping with paint. Once the paint dries, put a thin layer of white paint on the gel press and 'pull the print'. This is how it looked once I pulled the print. It's a little rustic at this stage however I decided to make it more defined. The first thing that I did was add more colour with my pencils. Then the image was brought forward by using a white Posca pen. I've chosen the giraffe from African Animals as my center piece. With such a busy background it&#

Art Journal page

Hi, I'm Vero (@ Vero.kt) and I welcome you to today's inspiration. How's everybody ? I've been play ing with     Mixed media mark s   ,   Round in circles   ,     I nky Friends   and   Mix a sentiment 2     to create   Art Journal page  , that I hope you like. On an A4 watercolor card I played with spray inks and some rubber dance stamps to create the background. I cut to the size of an A6 and started stamping different stamps with oxide inks in tones similar to the background to add texture to the page. A dryer helped me to speed up the process, and I added some splashes in black, which add depth to the project. I chose the moth from the set  I nky Friends , it is colored with pigments and watercolor pencils, and with cardboard, I added volume. One of the parts that I enjoy the most is the composition, I have to admit that it is  usually the part that takes me the most. Now I leave you some photos with details of the project.I hope you like it as much as I do when mak