Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Recap - Lots of Inspiration!

Hello everyone! Bibi here, and as always at the end of the month I have lots and lots of photos to share with pretties that were made with Rubber Dance stamps. Some of these were posted here on this blog, some on our Scandinavian blog, and some on the Design Team members' own blogs:










Published in the UK magazine Craft Stamper November issue
which has a FOUR pages spread of artwork made with stamps from Rubber Dance!

Guest Designer Olga:

Guest Designer Shilpa:

I bet there were a few of those you hadn't seen before!
If you want to make sure you see everything that the DT makes,
you can find links to all their blogs on this page:

This photo has nothing to do with October's recap ....

How's that for a nice view, ey? It's the one I will be enjoying for the next two weeks while sitting on my balcony. What do I mean MY balcony? Do I really have a view over the Mediterranian sea from my balcony here in Norway??? Oh, I wish! But I will while I'm on holiday in Spain :-)
So....... that means I won't be much online till I return in 2 weeks from today, but the blog will be busy as always - my beloved Design Team members are making sure of that!

Till next time, take care and be kind to one another... (I know, you always are)


Yep - the web shop will remain open, I just won't be able to process any orders till I'm back. The rest of my family don't know how to make stamps and I don't have any employees,  but I'll be pressing stamps and shipping out orders as fast as I can when I return.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Please Don't Feed the Animals - Easy Cards in 1, 2, 3!

Hello, everyone! It's Bibi here today with some cards I whipped up in no-time. Actually, the first one took me forever because I spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of easy cards I wanted to make. And then out of the blue the idea came to me after I had gone to bed, so I got up and hurried to my studio so I wouldn't forget! Before I knew it, I had made seven more cards/tags that evening....

Here is the first card, the one that got me out of bed. It was worth it, wasn't it?
(I think it's hysterical!)
Inside the card:

Be Right Back - stamp from Sarcastic Superpower
Elephant and Hello there! are both from African Animals

Then I made another elephant card, 
this time with a text inside that I, unfortunately,
will have the use for quite often.... 
(which is why I made it into a stamp, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs it ...).

All stamps from African Animals

Then it was the giraffe's turn:

Another giraffe card: 
I have no idea what a giraffe sounds like, but I imagine it cannot sing....
I doodled on the notes and drew the speech bubble with a black pen.

The lion is up next,
with a silly sentiment from Sarcastic Superpower 
which I drew a thinking bubble around:

I want to attach this tag to an edible Christmas gift, just for fun!

Another lion, this time with a statement: 
The sentiment is from Sarcastic Superpower and actually reads,
"Not my monkeys, not my circus". I cut it apart so I could spell "No Circus" instead.
See, that's how you can get more out of your stamps: Cut them up and make new ones!

It's the elephants turn again, on the last card I made in this series:

Sun from Celestial Dancers, fly from A little Birdie
Soar and Fly Away from For the Birds, and believe etc from Affirmations

I cut the cloud out of cardstock, added some blue ink on the sides and adhered it with foam dots.
Inside the card:

This stamp is from the set of sentiments called Think Again

And - just in case you wondered.......
Rhino stamp from African Animals, sentiment stamp from Sarcastic Superpower.
I don't know when a card like this is appropriate - perhaps as a reminder to your sweetheart?

I hope you liked my quick and easy cards. I had such fun making them!
Stamping doesn't have to be all that complicated. An image and a sentiment is all you need, but if you prefer to add some colours you can always do that. I chose not to this time, as I think these African Animals stamps look great without, too.

Here are the two sets of stamps I used the most:
Images are reduced (actual sheet size is 13 x 18 cm, or 5 x 7 inches)

African Animals - stamps made from drawings that DT Susanne Rose made for me.
Awesome, aren't they? I have fallen deeply in love with these stamps.

Now it's your turn:
Go out in the world with a silly grin on your face ... and make some cards in 1, 2, 3!
See if you can combine stamped images with sentiments in a way you haven't tried before.

I want to thank my DT Majo for the inspiration! ♥
She's really good at combining images and sentiments with a new twist.

Until next time -  be good, be silly, have fun and stamp on!