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Recap May Pretties

Hey everyone! It's the last day of May and time to share some of the pretties made with Rubber Dance stamps this month. Enjoy!  ATB by Majo  Clay bracelet by Susanne. Tutorial here .  Artwork with Video Tutorials: See Susanne's  video tutorial here 12 tags of 2015, see Helen's video tutorial here See Helen's  video tutorial here See Helen's video tutorial here I certainly do have the most FAB DT ever! Thank you so much, fab folks! ♥ You can meet the team here . If you live in Norway and/or can write in Norwegian, check out this DT call ! Before I let you go: Have you joined our GIVEAWAY blog hop  that is running until the 19th of June? My DT and I are celebrating my very 1st of blogging for Rubber Dance! Come join the blog hop giveaway with lots of prizes to win. Yes, I said LOTS! ;-) Thanks for stopping

Alcohol Ink Ombre Technique

Hi Everyone, Helen here! It is my turn to share inspiration with you today.  I hope you are having a fun weekend and are managing to fit in a little (lot) of crafting ;-)  Welcome to anyone popping by from my YouTube Channel! Today I am sharing a tutorial and card idea that means you can create quick and vibrant backgrounds that are perfect to stamp on top or with any combinations of your Rubber Dance stamps.  Once you have mastered the technique this is definitely a card design that can be made in a hurry but looks fab! So if you are like me and absolutely Mrs Disorganised when it comes to birthdays this one is for you!!! As you can see you can use many different colours for this effect and lots of stamps would work to create this look. In the tutorial I show you how to achieve this cool background so get out your alcohol inks and off we go………Oh before I forget here are the all important card dimensions as promised: Cutting Guide: Black Card: 9" x 7 1/2"

Ir(resist)ible technique

Hi all, it's Majo here today to show you how to create a little box with an older technique called “Resist with napkin varnish”.     I started with cutting my template, it’s a Sizzix Die *Box & Card* and stamped the two beautiful flowers from the Da Vinci Set . Make sure you use permanent ink, as this is going to get wet!    I colored the images with Koh-I-Noor pencils Mondulez and some water. Then I carefully applied the napkin varnish and tried not to get too much outside the image, since this area will not take any color after the application. I applied different colors of Distress Ink and spritzed & flicked with water. After distressing the edges I assembled my box and tied a little tag around, the word “SEEDS” is computer generated.  I just love how vibrant the colors of the flowers stand out! Ready for summer and some new flowers? You can find the flower images right here at the Rubber Dance Stamps shop!

Art Tin or Art in the Tin - by Irit

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my  new art adventure. This time I made an ART TIN. This is just a way to contribute to my love to art with this small, but yet very artistic  altered tin creation. The plain  silver metal tin was the beginning. First I altered the lid using Rubber Dance stamps with pigmented Crafter's Clearsnap ink and black embossing powder. This was not the usual way to stamp over bare metal. The usual way is to use solvent  permanent inks. But then isn't art an experiment? So this was my new experiment and it worked!  The stamps I used were from different Rubber Dance sets, but all the sets are totally " artsy".  The face was from Collage Mix set.   The Bingo card from Art Backgrounds 2 set.   The G 53 token from Collage Elements 1 set.   I also used a nature branch stamp from   Vintage Birds set. After I stamped the images and heat embossed them I added a mix of Ranger alcohol inks over the lid  to make this artistic paint

1st Year Anniversary Giveaway and Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to this fun blog hop with many Rubber Dance stamps to win! Tjooohoo!  It's Bibi here (owner of Rubber Dance), and today it's been exactly one year since I blogged about something I  had made  using Rubber Dance stamps!  I cannot believe it's been a whole year already, but on the other hand - there has been a lot happening since then. Things really started moving after I had hired my very first Design Team in August last year, and with their help this blog rapidly changed from being a rather quiet place to quite a busy bee hive! My Design Team members have made so many beautiful things with my stamps, helped spread the word out there in blogland (and beyond), and they've been such a great support in more ways than I can count. I'd be way up creek without a paddle without them! ♥ Love you guys! ♥ From zero readers to nearly 40.000 hits in just one year - that's pretty awesome! And if you're curious where all tho

Stamped Clay Bracelet by Susanne

Hi everyone! Today I'd like to share a jewelry project with you. I created a chunky bracelet by stamping on polymer clay. You'll find detail photos and step by step instructions in this post. Supplies: ca. 50g White and  50g Pearl Fimo (or similar clay, any brand) Stamps and other stylus tools Pasta machine would be good, also a cutter blade Acrylic paint (anything dark, I mixed black and brown) Elastic cord Some twine Bone folder Something round like a marmalad glass, a glass bottle or something like that with a     diameter of nearly 8-10cm (cover it with aluminium foil) Any bead for the closure Sharp kitchen knife Of course an oven to bake the clay Waterproof sandpaper (about 300 grit) Step 1: You will need different sheets of your clay mixture (white and pearl). One for the backside, one for the middle part and one for your stampings. You should choose the size you need and want. I used a length of 19cm and a height of 6cm (fitting my highest ima