Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome to my Herb Garden

Hello everyone! Bibi here with a delicious project using the set of Herb stamps from Rubber Dance and polymer clay. I love cooking with home grown herbs! I live in the city and have no garden, but I make the best out of the space available. My herb "garden" is an old zinc tub, and here's how it looks with the stamped polymer clay signs I made:

The marigold flower is to keep flies and bugs away.
The zebra is to keep lions away. (Yes, it works - I've never seen a lion in my herb garden!)

I stamped the herb ovals on white polymer clay, using brown ink (Archival Coffee). I didn't know whether Distress ink would work, so I stamped one to find out, and what do you know - it turned out great and won't smear or run after baking. How cool is that? (It means I can use all my 30+ Distress colors for other polymer projects, too! Yoohoo!! I bet other brands of dye ink would work just as well!)

Instead of using a knife to cut around the ovals, I found it much easier to use a small pair of scissors. Just be careful not to touch the inked parts or you'll smear it all over the place (yes, I speak of experience here - how did you know??)

After cutting out the ovals, I used a knife to smooth the edges:

Before baking the ovals, I made a little hole by the top so I could hang the signs up, using a copper wire I had laying around (steel wire would of course work, too).

There are different brands of polymer clay, so follow the instructions on the package regarding temperature and time. I used Fimo Soft and baked my ovals at 110 C/230 F for 25 minutes and let them cool off for 30 minutes before attaching them to the copper wire.

I also made a few herb labels out of cardstock to use when I want to give someone a giftbag with dried herbs. I stamped the Herbal Text with Distress (Peeled Paint) on the bag and smooshed some ink on the edges (Peeled Paint and Shabby Shutters).

I hope you liked my post today. Thank you for stamping by!

:-) Bibi

All the stamps used for these projects are from Rubber
H1-1M Herbs and H1-10H Herb Text:

Polymer Clay
Dye ink
Paper bag
Ribbon (from Really Reasonable Ribbon)

To find the stamps used in this article, and many more, visit the Rubber Dance website:
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fifteen Cats by Judi Kauffman

Thank you for inviting me to be a guest designer, Bibi. Fifteen Cats began when I got carried away stamping, coloring, and cutting out the Night Cat image. Before I knew it I had a big batch of fast and easy projects.

Use your imagination when you color the cats. They can be realistic and resemble cats you've known and loved, or go for whimsical dots, stripes, or plaid!

Add some Glitter Dots Peel-offs for sparkly stars, some pen doodling to create more detail, and Cat’s Eye Stickers for bright, dimensional eyes. Refer to the photos for ideas. Mix it up with lots of layering (patterned paper and solid color cardstock), stamped sentiments and pre-printed stickers. Do some fussy-cutting (example: the card with five cats and 3 stars). The projects include cards, tags, and a bookmark. Cards range in size from 3.25” to 4” (8,25 x 10,15 cm) and 4.25" x 5.5" (10,8 x 14 cm), to a generous 4.25” x 10.5” (10,8 x 26,7 cm). Believe it or not, I plan to keep going: Ornaments, calendars, place cards – there are endless options. Who says you have to stop at only fifteen!

All the stamps used for these projects are from Rubber Dance,

#7018 Glitter Dots Peel-offs (Elizabeth Craft Designs, 
ProMarkers (Letraset).
7MM Cat’s Eye Stickers in Yellow (Stanislaus Imports,
Gelly Roll Medium in White and Pigma Micron 01 in Black (Sakura of America). 

Patterned papers (Webster’s Pages, Prima).
Pre-printed stickers and chipboard arrows (Webster’s Pages).
Inks in colors of choice.
.25” (63 mm) hole punch, scissors, ribbon or fibers for tags.
To find the stamps used in this article, and many more, visit the Rubber Dance website:

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Easy Face-Lift. Just add water.

Hi, everyone! It's Bibi here, and for our new blog's first REAL post I want to show you a fun and easy technique called Face-lifting. That's what I call it anyway, but I'm sure there are other names for it.

This is a technique I use quite often and I have been asked whether I paint the face after stamping the image on a dark background. In a sense, I guess I do paint it ..... and it's really easy once you know the Super Secret Ingredient ...

Here's an example:

Stamps used: Lady with Stars and Milkyway Border from #CE1-L Celestial Images

If you have tried this technique before, you know that the Super Secret Ingredient I use to "paint" the skin is ..... wait, I think I can hear a drumroll......water. That's right. WATER, ladies and gangsters! I bet you all have some of that in your stash, huh? The other "ingredients" you need are Distress ink, smooth watercolour paper or coated tags. Face-lifting does work on other white surfaces as well, but these two are my favourites. Experiment with what you already have and see what works best.

Step by step instructions:

1) Smoosh some Distress ink on a tag. It doesn't have to look even.

2) Lightly mist the tag with water to achieve a speckled background, then stamp the images with a waterproof ink (such as StazOn and Archival).

3) Next you "paint" the areas you want to be light, using nothing but a brush and some water. Leave the water sitting for a while before you dab it off with a piece of tissue paper. The length of time the water needs to sit depends on the paper. If it doesn't look light enough after a few seconds, add more water and let it sit for a minute or two.........

...... keep adding and dabbing off water, until it looks something like this:

4) Colour in the stamped images, using colour pencils and gel pens, for instance. Do not use markers or anything containing water, as the water will lift the Distress ink off the image instead of adding colour to it.

5) Jazz your tag up with ribbons and fibers and adhere it to panels in matching colours, and you're done!

The Face-lifting technique can be used on other images than faces, of course. Here's one example. I left the images "white" after the face-lifting, no colouring in afterwards.

#A1-1E Large Dragonfly. Sentiment and hearts from #JNEN-2E Just a note.
Love stamp from #B3-M A little Birdie

Some more tags .....

#B3-1D Flycatcher. Moon Lady and Sun from #CE1-L Celestial Images.

#CO3-4E Nostalgia.

On the card below, I face-lifted the entire stamped image to make the dress look slightly lighter than the background, then continued to face-lift her face until it looked nearly white.

#M1-1E Flute Player. Sentiment from #JNEN-2E Just a note.

I hope you enjoyed the show! Thank you so much for stamping by :-)

Supply list:

All stamps are from Rubber Dance:
Distress inks.
Waterproof ink.
Smooth watercolour paper.
Paint brush.
Colour pencils, gel pens, etc.
Ribbons and fibers.
Tape and cardstock.
Patience (while the face-lifting water does its magic).

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the face-lifting technique, or anything else.

Have a stamptastic day!

Bibi L.

To find the stamps I have used, and many more, visit the Rubber Dance website at: You can meet us on Facebook - come on over and say hi!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The First Post ...

There always has to be a first post, and this is it! 

I'm working on the layout and images and such, but I will come back with a REAL post soon ....

Till then, stamp like nobody's watching! ;-)