Abstract journal page with Mandalas by Priss BlaFu

Hi, stampers! 

You already know that I love doing Art Journals, right?. That's why I have severals and each one is different from the others, in terms of size, style, paper, etc.

Today I show you a page from one of my Junk Journals. The truth is that I think it's the most junk of all because the pages are made of different materials (Mixedmedia Paper, Watercolor cardstock, even canvas fabric). All papers are recycled from other projects of art that I have not finished liking. 

It's also the most fun of all (at least for me) because I always go to him to free myself. Whether it's to download paint, texture pastes, collage fodder, scraps of paper, washi tapes, even stress relief. 

Sometimes the pages are a bit chaotic and then when I feel comfortable with them, I start to play to integrate the elements that can be found there. Always I integrate them with colors, especially with white and black. 

These are some pages with paint swatches and scraps of paper and washi

Initially, my page is based on two different papers, the one on the left is a fairly inexpensive watercolor paper, while the one on the right is canvas fabric. 

Both were stained with paint in shades of light pink. And on them, I had pasted, pieces of washi tape, scraps of fishnet fabric, and scraps of rice paper with handwritten text (sorry, I don't keep a picture of that situation).

With a spatula, I made some strokes all over the page with acrylic paints in fuchsia and green turquoise. When It's dry I paint with my fingers making some circles and marks.

Then begins the part that I love the most with this kind of Junk Journals, playing to make marks with different sizes of Posca Pens in Black and White colors. To make it more interesting I add some contrast with my yellow and pink pens making some marks. 

Then is time to make some extra marks with the stamps of  "Mixed Media Marks" sets, here and there.

I also stamped some "Mandalas" on a special paper for use with alcohol markers and I painted them with soft and pastel colors, and one of the "Sketchy Flower 1" that I left without color, because the page is too loaded now.

To finish the composition, I die cut a circle with leaves in textured white cardstock (then I cut it in half), a few pieces of gauze, waffle fabric, and silk ribbons. 

For the sentiment, I stamped all the set "Journal Words" over an iridescent black cardstock with white embossing powder. This way I have words ready to use in other projects

Now I let you some close ups.

I do hope you like it, thanks for watching, Priss x

Theese are the stamps I used

Mixed Media Marks

Sketchy Flowers #1

Journal Words


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