Thursday, April 02, 2015

GIVEAWAY - cool stamps to win!

This giveaway is now closed and I'm about to draw the lucky winners.
Please come back for our next giveaway on May 19th :-)


This giveaway is for all our loyal fans and followers. I am very grateful for your support, and as a token of my appreciation - this one's for YOU! ♥

If you are not already a Follower of this blog, it's not too late to become one by clicking the Join this site icon (on right hand side, top of the row). As a follower, you'll never miss out on our specials, challenges, tutorials and lots of artwork full of inspiration :-)

To get a chance to win, all you have to do is:

1) Be or become a Follower. 


2) Leave ONE comment* below and tell me which your top THREE favourites of my stamp sets/sheets are (you can see them all in the web shop). If you win, I'll send you one of those sets/sheets, so make sure to name your FAVES! (Except any that you have from before, of course!)
*You can leave a comment only once! Replies to other comments don't count.

You have until 
April 21st at noon, CET (Central European Summer Time). 
I'll TRIPLE your chance to win
 by drawing THREE winners!

The three winners will be drawn using a number randomizer and announced here on April 21st, so make sure you check back to see if you won! I'll give you one week to claim your prize. I'll have to pick a new winner if I don't hear from you within that time, but you being a follower and all, I'm sure that won't be a problem ;-) 

But that's not all: If you leave a comment but don't win, I think it's only fair that I give you FREE shipping if you want to place an order. Yes ma'am! Come back on April 21st to find out how to get your free shipping coupon code (or email me at after you have left your comment below, and I'll give it to you right away!)

For this giveaway, subscribing to this blog by email doesn't count - sorry! I'm glad if you do subscribe, but for a chance to win we need to see your pretty face/icon on the right hand side under Fans & Followers.

♥ Thank you for joining us! ♥
My fabulous Design Team and I really appreciate your support! 

Good luck!


Added one day later:
WOW, 18 comments already! AWESOME! I read each and everyone of them, but have decided not to reply. I just think it'll be easier to see how many 
"actual" comments there are when I''ll use the randomizer to draw the winners later. But let there be no doubt: I love reading your comments and kind words!! It warms my heart and just goes to show that our blog followers - new and old - deserves my way of thanking you by offering a chance to win some stamps. From the bottom of my heart: ♥ THANK YOU! ♥


  1. have a BIG heart! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I loved visiting your website and having a look at your range of stamps! You DO have a lovely collection and I had a feast "window shopping" but yes, would love to win them too, lol! I love to have sentiments in my projects and particularly liked SOMETHING WONDERFUL and THINK AGAIN. From your nature list, I liked I LOVE LEAVES and lastly, a little romance too with your NOSTALGIC COUPLES. Thanks once again Bibi, such a lovely initiative and happy to be here. Have a great week. Hugs.

  2. What a lovely Easter surprise for three lucky followers! I faves are Just a Note [sentiments]. Then that 'Sea Mesh' is YUM and so is the 'Round in Circles'...thanks for the chance to win:):) Happy Easter to you and the team:):)

  3. AWW! Give Away....choose me.. Bibi! I am sucker of artsy stamps :)
    I worked with your versatile stamps last two months, and I would say they are awesome!! so your are!! Your visits and lovely comments on my blog posts make me happy..always. Thank you for all appreciation.
    So... which 3 stamps I would choose, its very difficult to make choice.
    1.Love lives here- I dont have many heart stamps and love the quilt designs on them and that birdhouse is so beautiful.
    2. Da Vinci stamp set - I totally love face image stamps,
    3. Something wonderful sentiment stamps - Those are beautiful sentiments for journals and mixed media.
    Thank you so much Bibi for this wonderful giveaway!!

  4. Sarcastic Superpower is THE best (every time I use it it makes people gasp AND laugh!) but I suppose I have to pick three that I don't have, don't I? I'll try not to drool on the keyboard...
    Happy Dancing
    Funny Birthday (shocker that choice, lol)
    Antique Botanicals - oooooh :)

  5. Hi Bibi, Had a wonderful time going thru' your Web shop !! awesome collection....want all !! My favourites are :
    Da Vinci
    Collage Mix
    Antique Botanicals......

    also loved......
    Something Wonderful and CP Collage Correspondence
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your lovely comment !! Thanks for the generous giveaway !!

  6. Thank You Bibi for giving us the opportunity to win one of your stamp sets, wasn't hard for me to choose as my favourite three are:
    Round in Circles
    I Heart Art
    Weed Love.

    Am already a Follower, excitedly keeping my eyes open for winner and code news.

    Have a Happy Easter:-) xxx

  7. I love all the rubber stamps!! Perfects!! Thank you for chance giveway!
    My favorites:
    Round in circles
    CP Thoughts
    CP Collage Correspondence

  8. What a generous prize, and such a great Easter gift! I think my fav's are...
    1. Vintage Birds - birds are so eloquent and this set has such an amazing variety
    2. Antique Botanicals - this looks like an absolute must-have stamp set. Such pretty flowers!
    3. Twiggy Leaves - love the variety and the realism to these stamps, another must have!

    Thanks again for the chance to win one of your fabulous sets! hugs :)

  9. Fabulous! Tough choice to make though. for a start I love ALL of the nature sheets...
    After ruthless selection, my top favourites are: Nostalgic Couples, Antique Botanicals and Collage Mix.

  10. That looks great! My ugly face was already following via a reader, Feedly, but if you want to see it, there you are :) Muy favourites tamps of your line are : Antique botanicals (WOW, especailly flower on bottom left), Round in circles (mixed media!) and vintage script (SO versatile!) ... and the weed, and the receipt.. and. .. and.. :) Hope you're doing well!

  11. Well, I think it ate my first comment... Thank you so much for the give away, Bibi.
    My favorites today (they change) are:
    Round in Circles
    Celestial Dancers
    Sea Mesh

  12. To be honest I love all of the botanical and animal stamp sheets. If can only pick one these are the ones I would choose first:

    #1 A Little Birdie
    #2 Bold & Beautiful
    #3 Something Wonderful

    Thank you very much for the chance to win some lovely rubber stamps! Karen x

  13. What a lovely offer - thank you! My 3 favourites are Round in Circles (LOVE that!), Bold and Beautiful and I Heart Art

    Thanks for the chance :)

  14. Oh my goodness-so exciting! My top 3 are: ATC Backgrounds 2, Antique Botanicals, and CP Cats 02. Thanks so much!

  15. Wow, how generous of you. My top 3 are Happy Dancing, Sarcastic Superpower and ATC Backgrounds 2. You have so many lovely stamps. I am a follower and loving it. Hugz

  16. Oooh I love giveaways, thanks Bibi. I don't yet have any of your stamps, I do have some of the CP ones.

    I found 4 sets I love, so I need to pick three of them:
    Celestial Images I love these, especially the cat!
    Retro Beach, I love anything beach themed.
    Antique Botanicals - just beautiful.

  17. But I love so many of your stamps, Bibi! I'm so glad Snarky Stampers introduced us. Three, hmm... Music, Funny Birthday and Antique Botanicals are all very awesome. :) (Oh, but then there are the cats...)

  18. Here are my top picks!
    Weed Love
    Pines Fir Yew
    CP Cats 02
    And, of course I am a follower here!

  19. How cool - thanks for the chance, but decisions... decisions.... very difficult, there are so many wonderful sheets. My top picks are:
    # I Heart Art (I really love heart images, perfect for journaling and more)
    # Round in Circles (perfect for journaling, too)
    # Something Wonderful quotes (I'm addicted to quotes)

  20. What a wonderful way to make us go browsing/shopping once again! GRIN... I LOVE this... Here are my top three favorites that I do not already own:
    1. Celestial Images
    2. Women Collage
    3. ATC Backgrounds (either 1 or 2, I love them both)

  21. I adore seeing all the fantastic makes on your blog and the wonderful emails. Thanks so much for a chance to win a stamp! It would totally make my day, this chance makes me smile!
    I love Stitch and Frame, makes some fabulous backgrounds and unique texture
    Celestial Images, so whimsical and fun, adore the kitty too!
    I Heart Art, I am sooooo addicted to hearts and the grungyness of these makes my heart race!
    Thanks so much Bibi! Happy Week!~kim

  22. Hello Bibi,
    First may I say this is a wonderful giveaway, and if I do not win the prize, even though it would be great, the free shipping is a huge plus for me living in NZ.
    My choices and favs are.
    1. CP Checkers and Diamonds
    2. Da Vinci stamp set - I totally love face image stamps,
    3. I Heart Art
    Good luck to everyone.

  23. Wow, cool! I already one of my favorite sets - Sarcastic Superpower. Hilarious! Some other faves:
    1. Round in Circles
    2. Celestial Dancers
    3. Collage Mix

  24. Dear Bibi, wow this is a fantastic spring gift from you. Thanks for your generousity. I LOVE your stamps!
    It's hard to choose three but here are my favorites (i do not have yet)
    1. Collage Mix CM1-L
    2. Retro Beach BM1-L
    3. Weed Love NP5-M
    Thanks again for this awesome Giveaway,
    Big Hugs, Dunja xoxo

  25. Would love to have more of your lovely stamps in my stash. It's difficult to choose but think my favorites are:

    Vintage birds
    Collage elements 1
    Retro Beach

  26. The following three are certainly amongst my favourites:
    Collage Mix CM1-L
    Travel TR1-L
    Bold and Beautiful NP4-M
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Carol x

  27. Love them all so it's hard to pick just 3.... But I'm going for collage mix, I love leaves and something wonderful.
    All amazingly fantastic!!!
    Lisa x

  28. its hard to name only 3.however these are my favorites
    Christmas greetings
    2.happy birthday
    3.something wonderful

  29. So sweet and generous of you! I am a new follower! I love the burlap, the twiggy leaves and antique botanicals. But all are very pretty!

  30. How fabulous!!! My favorites are Vintage Birds, Bold & Beautiful and Sarcastic Superpower (#1 favorite)! So hard to pick a top three but I did it!! LOL Thanks for the chance to win one of them! I am a new follower but am so glad that I have met you because your stamps are cool!! See you soon!

  31. I really like your stamps! My favorite so far are ... the leaves stamp sets, the just a note sentiments and hearty art!

  32. Hi. Love love what I have seen done with some of your stamps. My favourite is the leaves.

  33. Hi Bibi,
    Your stamps are great and it's so difficult to choose! But after much looking, I think I am attracted to "Sea Mesh" (because backgrounds are soooo versatile). Also, "Retro Beach" and I just can't decide between "Antique Botanicals" and "Nostalgic Couples" :)
    Thanks for great colour challenges every month!

  34. I love the Vintage Postcard and the Globe Map and the Book Page stamps. Love all the detail in your rubberstamp images.


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