Sketchy Flowers Stickers by Ellie Knol

Gelliprinting on stickers.. I've done that, which will be for a next post as I have not finished the projects yet, or actually, the prints are super, but I want to create a project from them first.  

It made me think: stamp on stickers and use those to fill a card or in my journal, or even a bullet journal.  Or even on a 'business' card .. or just tiny pieces of art on an envelope.. 

So, that's what I did and I've colored them with colored pencils. 

This A4 of stickers has a tiny strip of paper between the stickers vertically....

... It adds to the interest of using these separately... 

.. as you can see I also filled the areas between the Sketchy Flowers with Mixed Media Marks
 and Old Book Page script in black. To be able to do that I masked off the flower images, of course. 


For the mere reason I wanted to show you what it looks like, I've made projects from all of them. To be true, there was only one sticker that had no interest on it, as it was a leftover from the way I picked the stickers to fill a card.  

I've made 3 cards... 

.. and four tiny A6 sized gift cards... 

(I only realize now that I did not color the leaves on this one, lol
.. and some others.. )

I really hope I gave you some inspiration today.  Have fun. 


 Rubber Dance Stamps:


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