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 Hello everyone!! 

Josi Tomàs here. Do you feel like getting your hands dirty?

Well, in this case we are going to make an art journal page, and then we will clean our hands. 

Don't worry!!!

 I leave you below the step by step and video so we can do it together. This time the order of the video is different, but doesn't alter the final work...

Here's the video



1. Add texture with tissue glued with glue diluted in water (you have to do it very slowly because it breaks easily). You can use pieces of medical gauze too.

2. Protect the project with clear gesso and dry very well.

3. Give it colour by combining sprays and pigments. Do it slowly too (when you put a colour you can sprinkle water on it. Then dry. Repeat this as many times as you like until you get the desired colour).

4. Create a stencil with a stamp (I have chosen a branch) and add texture paste. Dry it very well. Go over the edges with a black watercolour pencil.

5. I have put a special tape over it that is used to avoid having to sew the hems on clothes. It melts in heat and gives a cobweb look.

6. Stamp in black and other colour two types of stamps forming a visual triangle. Go over some with a black marker.

7. With the steam of a leaf I have made a frame around the project. Stamps have many possibilities, use your imagination!!

8. Go over some areas with white paint to give an aged effect. To finish, highlight the edges with a black ink to give depth to the project and decorate with a phrase.



I hope you like it and enjoyed!! 

See you soon Rubber Dance friends!!


I have used Grungy Stuff and Pencil Marks 2 ...

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