Mixed Media Collage material by Ellie Knol

Today's inspiration from me (Ellie) will be creating a basic surface for your stash to easily tear and use as collage material on any project.  

What am I talking about? 

Creating background papers for collage. I saw a You Tube video from Susanne Rose, the owner of Rubber Dance as you certainly know, 
creating background papers on rice paper on the gelliplate. 

I  had an 'aha' moment and decided to share this way of making collage papers. 

Basically you need a very thin paper, rice paper, or even thinner: tissue paper. The better it collages without showing an edge where it gets decoupaged to, the better it is to use in collages.   

I mostly chose background and script stamps as they can easily be used in a background as collage material. 


To show you how I use this on a project, I've made a collage in an art journal with gesso and color.  

Tear the paper to pieces, easy way is to use a thin wet brush and mark the line you want it to tear, then tear along that line. 
Use (water diluted) decoupage glue to adhere some of the tissue paper to the page. 
Leave to dry.

Scribble with Neocolor II crayons onto the page as shown. 

Use gesso on a brush to blend the colors. Clean the brush when the gesso gets too colored. Leave to dry. Add a layer of white gesso to tone certain areas down.
I also scribbled in the wet gesso with one of the used colors. 

When happy with the result, dry it thoroughly. Add white marks with an acrylic marker and tiny black spatters (watered down black gesso) to the background. 

Color the focal point, adhere them to the page and add a sentiment.. 

Voila.. another colorful page in this Neocolor II designated art journal of mine. 

SEE you next time!

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