Handsome Hedgehog Card by Dot Leathbridge

 Hello everyone,
welcome to a fun tutorial using the super cute
 Handsome Hedgehog stamp.
He is such a beautiful little character and he has come out
today to show you his home.

In hindsight I can see how it would've looked
absolutely amazing with a few large mushrooms masked
 behind the hedgehog.
Funny Fungi, Fun-gie Mushrooms or even Textured Mushrooms
would've been great as a backdrop.

Are you ready to see how this was made?
Here we go.

I had a plain gel print which I thought would look great as 
a background.
Handsome Hedgehog was stamped using a stamping press
so that the detail wasn't missed on the paint background.

With the left over ink on my stamp, I stamped him onto
some photo copy paper and cut out a mask for later.

The wood and leaves were easy choices to colour in.
But what colour to make the flowers?
Who would think that this would be such a tough decision.

While I decide what colour to use on the flowers, the mask that
was made earlier was added to the hedgehog so that I could add
some faintly stamped leaves in the background.
This is simple to do with 2nd and 3rd generation stamping.
The leaves are from I Love Leaves.

I like how it is starting to have a woodland feel.
This is when I could've added the mushrooms behind the hedgehog.

This is what it looks like once the mask is removed.

The decision has been made!
The flowers are pink.

I added pink to the mushrooms and splattered
some onto the background as well.

The edges have been darkened with a little ink to
add a border and draw the scene in closer.
Making it look cosier.

As an after thought, some extra stamping of the flower has been added
to the edges.
I really wanted the hedgehog to disappear a little into
his environment.

And a close-up of the Handsome Hedgehog.
I have left him and the butterfly un-coloured.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the 
Handsome Hedgehog share his
home with you.

The stamps used are:

As an after thought I stamped up the hedgehog with some extra mushrooms 
behind him so that you can see what I was talking about earlier.

A quick reminder that we have a mood board challenge
over in our facebook group.

Wishing everyone a really crafty day.
Dot x


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