A Classic Da Vinci Card by Dot

Hello everyone,
It's Dot here with you today to share a
tutorial made using the timeless Da Vinci classics from Rubber Dance.

The card has been created in black and white with minimal colour
added only to the leaves of the flowers.
Every now and then I love to create something that
just uses stamps.  This is one of those projects.

As simple as this card looks,
there is a little bit of technique involved.
Nothing too hard though, I promise.

The first thing to remind you about is
the different generations of stamping.

1st generation - ink the stamp and stamp the image.
2nd generation - ink the stamp, stamp it off onto scrap paper and then stamp the image.
3rd generation - ink the stamp, stamp it off onto scrap paper twice, and then stamp the image.

Okay, here we go.
Are you ready?

I have used 2nd generation for this image.
He will be in the center of the scene.

I usually start with card that is bigger than needed and then
cut it down to size later.
I didn't have an idea of what I was going to end up at this stage.

I made a rough mask for the Da Vinci Horse 
then stamped the Da Vinci classics around him with 3rd generation stamping.
You might have noticed that I have masked the lady on the left
so that I could stamp the Da Vinci Old Man close to her.

A little tip - I ended up making rough masks for all of these 4 images.

I really love to create layers with stamps.
Using your masks, randonly stamp Old Book Page
with 3rd generation stamping.
It will look like faded print coming out from behind the faces and horse.
Pretty cool!

Then with 1st generation stamping
stamp some words randomly over the top of the faces.

Now we have the illusion of the ghostly Da Vinci classics
being squashed in between the writing.

I've placed some flowers down loosely so that I can see if anything else is needed.
I decided to use another flower from Antique Botanicals to fill in
a couple of white areas.
I used 3rd generation stamping for these flowers.

By placing the large flowers in the front it creates a lovely border.
These flowers are from Anitique Botanicals.
They were stamped onto photo copy paper and cut out.
The leaves have a faint dark green tinge to them from colouring with pencils.
You could of course use medium you like for your colouring.
I love the 'popping' effect when you leave the flower itself white against coloured leaves.

The flowers look nice tumbling over the edge of the card.

Here is a close-up of a section of the card showing Da Vinci looking over the ladies shoulder.

The stamps used on this project are:

You might be wondering why I went through the bother of
using the different generations of stamping?
The simple answer is that it creates depth.
The images in the foreground are the darkest,
and the background images are fainter.

A reminder that we have our May Mood Board
up and running over in our face book group.

We hope that you can join us there.

Happy Stamping!
Dot x


Susanne Rose said…
What a gorgeous card! I love the vintage look! Thank you so much for sharing!

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