Collage with Textured Sea Creatures by Ellie Knol


Close-ups of the two cards I, Ellie, made for you today!!
Join me in the how to! 


Creating a collage on a circled gelliprint is a nice start for any project. 

As the background is quite colorful, I chose to use fussycut images on them.
Stamp the images of the Textured Sea Creatures 
stamp set with a dark brown onto white cardstock and fussycut them. 
I always fill the whole of the cardstock and decide which ones I will use after fussycutting. 

That way it is easy to imagine what it will look like on the background... 

To enhance the dark brown of the stamped images, I practically always do some background stamping with the same dark brown. This way the images will become more a part of the project. 
I did this for both backgrounds as you can see, with the Mixed Media Marks stamp set. 

Stamp the coordinating image onto the envelope as well. 

As the stamps are so beautiful all on their own, I chose to not give them any color, it makes them pop more as far as I am concerned. 

Rubber Dance Stamps:


ingunnsinekort said…
Fab. backgrounds! love the colours , and the contrast with thw black and withe stamps is so cool!

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