Whale Wishes Coasters by Gail

Hello Rubber Dance friends.  Gail here today with something I haven't done for a long long time!!

I was fitting a new shelf unit in my craft room and uncovered some dusty tiles in a forgotten corner.  Then I also stumbled across the paints I use on them so I decided to paint up a couple of the tiles.

I used the whale stamps from Rubber Dance Whale Wishes set.  The tiles are 10cm square in a matt, rustic style.  I used Pebeo Porcelaine outliners and paints.
I started by stamping the whales on the tiles using black soot distress ink.  I used a black outline to cover the main lines I wanted to keep.  If you make a mistake leave it to dry before trying to correct it!!

Once the outliner was dry I held them briefly under a cold running tap, which removed all the distress ink I didn't want, and patted them dry with a towel.  This is also the time to clean up any lines that are messy or incomplete.  I use a craft knife to cut away any excess.

I coloured with Ming Blue and Ivory.  My 'painting tools' are a cocktail stick, some small sponges and a cotton bud for cleaning away mistakes.  I thought the whales looked a bit ungrounded at this point so sponged a bit of Peacock colour randomly at the tile edges.  Once painted they need to dry for at least 24 hours before being cooked in the oven at 150°C for 35 minutes. 

Two happy whale coasters.  Maybe I'll make a couple of cups to go with them!
Hope you enjoyed my project.

Thanks for dropping by.  Take care and have a crafty day.  Hugz


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Raquel Loio said…
Hi, you have beautiful projects on your blog! Thanks for the sharing!
If you want I would like to invite you to visit mine and participate in the giveaway of a 50% discount coupon to use in my etsy store.
Best regards from Portugal,
Susanne Rose said…
What a super cool idea!!! I love it. Thank you so much from sharing!

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