Atc´s Textured Birds by Verónica

Hi everyone, Verónica is here. Today I come with a colorful and fun series of Atc´s that I have made with the beautiful Textured Birds set.

 Let's go step by step, so you can cheer up and make your own.I hope you enjoy it and you like it, it is done with great affection.

We cut watercolor paper that measures 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches, if you prefer in centimeters 8,9cm by 6,4 cm approximately. Now we create the backgrounds by coloring with watercolors, pigments, or inks. I have used pigments dissolved in water, to give it a watercolor effect.

When they are ready and dry we apply textured paste with some stencils that we like. In my case Distress Textured Paste (crackle).

We can use the embossing gun to speed up the process or let it dry. We continue, we are going to stamp these adorable and cute little birds with a waterproof ink.

Comes one of the most relaxing and fun parts, the coloring. You can use what you have or what you are used to, pencils, inks, watercolors etc. We cut, and we reserve them.

For the next step, we are going to use one of the stamps from the  Textured Birds set. I chose the one with a text, but you can use the one with hearts, or points, to create and integrate the composition.

I added in the composition, a die cut on a book sheet and a black stitching with a sewing machine

Finally we add the little bird, a sticker with some feeling and we already have our atc.

Here are the Rubber Dance Stamps I used:

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by.



Elaine Lewis said…
These are absolutely adorable!!!
Susanne Rose said…
I love these ATCs they are so so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Marjolein said…
Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
Julie S said…
Such bright, happy colors - love these!
Mac Mable said…
I so enjoyed reading and learning from this post. Super adorable ATC's and thank you for the inspiration x.
Marjeta said…
Beautiful cards. Thanks for tutorial.
Ruth said…
I love your cards! The texturing is remarkable!

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