CAS-ual Friday: Birthday Card by Sue

Good afternoon and happy Friday 13th! It's Sue here, and it's my turn to share my CAS-ual Friday project.  I've made a birthday card 'cos birthdays never go out of fashion, in fact I've had lots, and lots, and lots...

It may not be high tech, but I like it, and more importantly it could be used as a Man Card - I know, that's almost a swear word isn't it!
I won't blind you with the science of how this was made ;-) suffice to say small ink pads were used. I've deliberately made the lines a bit wonky 'cos I think that people would pay extra for that!
I've used stamps from 
Merry Magpie and
Happy Birthday 

All of the wonderful stamps can be found here.
Have a very happy weekend - no walking under ladders, and be kind to black cats. Thanks very much for looking x


Bibi Lindahl said…
Cool card, Sue! Easy and lovely! Of course people pay more for wonky lines....LOL.
I didn't even know that today's Friday the 13th - till I read your last paragraph. I've been walking ON a ladder today, a stepladder. No cats around, only dogs. I'll be fiiiine! Thank you so much for sharing! ♥ ♥ ♥
Sue said…
Thank you Bibi, and you take care up those ladders!! xx
ionabunny said…
You is a funny lady. What a fun idea with those mini ink pads. Love it. Hugz
Craftyfield said…
This is Minimal crafting... It's a brilliant idea to use the ink pads as stamps. I had great fun reading your text, Sue!xx
Sue said…
Thanks Gail xx
Sue said…
Thank you Melina xx
Sue said…
Thank you Christine xx
Brilliant idea Sue, love the square pops of colour
Donna xx

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