Altered Chipboard Butterfly + Giveaway

Message in Norwegian: Hvis du foretrekker å lese dette innlegget på norsk, kan du gjøre det og samtidig bli med på giveawayen på den andre bloggen vår ved å klikke her.

Hello everyone! Bibi here today with a fun project, using the Totem Monarch Poppet chipboard from EyeConnect Crafts. I had such a blast with this and I hope what I've made will inspire you to make something similar.

The difference between the chipboards from EyeConnect Crafts and others ones I've seen out there, is that they are made to connect (hence the name). There are two categories, one called Lace-Ups which you bind together using ribbons, string, lace, etcetera and another category of chipboards with smaller holes so you can connect the pieces using tiny eyelets or brads.

This is what it looks like. The pieces are laser cut, and you easily remove them from the base - save that part and use it as a stencil for another project. Notice there is also a chipboard of the butterfly's cocoon. Cool, ey?


I wanted to make a vintage looking butterfly, using browns and black.
I started with Vintage Photo Distress ink (top wing) and then added Distress Rusty Hinge
to give it a warmer look.

To add some splatter, I smeared some Distress ink on my craft mat, added water and used a brush that I tapped against another brush (no ink on that one):

Leave to dry or speed up the drying with your heat gun before the next step.

Here I have randomly stamped with archival black ink on all the pieces:

By the way - when I stamp, I don't use any cushion. Just adhere the stamp directly to an acrylic block, using some cheap paper glue (or double sided low tack tape):

My stamps are so thick and so deeply engraved that the impressions are prefect without any expensive cushioning. 

For the next step, I wanted to emboss a text with a swirly font, and I thought this one was perfect (it's from the set Christmas Greetings). 

I didn't want the "this season and forever" part, so simply I cut it off:

This is what the pieces looked like after I white embossed "Peace on Earth" randomly:

I wanted to dull down the white a bit, so I smeared some Rusty Hinge Distress ink with a foam applicator (result seen on the left wing):

After all my pieces were done, I turned them over and adhered paper from an old book, then used the same two colours of brown Distress on the edges:

I decided to use small brass brads to connect the pieces together:

I attached strings to the back of the wings so I could hang the butterfly up.

And there you have it, hanging in my studio window where she has company by some indian elephants. I apologise for this bad photo.  It was really difficult with the counterlight from the window:

Most of the rubber stamps I used on this project are from the set "Envelope Stamps" (maybe I need to change its name, huh?), which you can find here.

(images are reduced, actual size of sheet is 13 c 15 cm)

You can find this butterfly and many, many more connecting chipboards at
EyeConnect Crafts' website:

I AM affiliated with EyeConnect Crafts because the owner (Erin Sparler) and I became friends after I found her website, but that's not the reason I brag about these chipboards - I do because I really, rrrrreally like them! Erin and I decided to let our Design Teams get products from us both so they could use my stamps on Erin's chipboards. You may have seen some of those projects already, and there will be more to come in our joint blog hop on February 12th - so come back and check them out!

So, how about that .....

Rubber Dance + EyeConnect Crafts = True FUN!

Leave a comment and let me know whether you use chipboards in your artwork. While you're at it, tell me what you think of my butterfly. (Bribary is always welcome...haha! But it won't help you win, sorry!)

I have a set of really nice chipoards from EyeConnect Crafts and of course some cool stamps from Rubber Dance to one very lucky, random winner!

You have until February 5th at 23:59 central European time to leave a comment and I will announce the winner on Feb. 7th when I announce our January challenge winners, so remember to check back and see if you won!

Thank you and Good luck!



Karen Petitt said…
It's a thing if real beauty Bibi, I am sure you well be getting a call from your national gallery soon - is that enough bribery? I regularly have butterflies on my creations and use chipboard now and then Karen x
Lynne Moncrieff said…
The idea to suspend the butterfly is so beautiful and I can imagine it dancing from the slightest breeze through the window, bringing the butterfly truly to life.
I do use chipboard along with grey/white board but it is something I would like to explore more of.
I should add that the contrast of the white embossed script on your butterfly is so appealing.
Sari / Granne said…
I haven't really used chipboard but seeing your beautiful creation and awesome tutorial - I think that's something I'd love to do.
Majo said…
This is some beautiful art, dear Bibi ♥ Must make a mental note to "copy" this :)
Gerrina said…
I am what I call a multi-user; I use foam, paper cardbord, chipboard, kurk, fabric...all kinds of things if I am working on a MM-project.... Wich reminds methat it is about time to get started on one again! Have a fun weekend! said…
Multi user I like that. We call mixed media over here.
I love the idea of the string! Why didn't I think of that!? Lol! I guess this is why we like to share so much -other designer really open us up to the different possibilities.
Thanks so much for featuring us! (And please don't enter me ;).
Can't wait for our blog hop! I've got an idea for combining fabric with our clipboards...
Anonymous said…
great shading and highlighting on the butterfly. It seems to me that chipboard takes distressing so well.
thank you for the step by step.

Kathy S..........
Hi, I din't used chipboards by know, but these are amazing and so inpirating that I'll have to try it.
Well done Bibi.
Craftyfield said…
As it happens... I intend to use more chipboards in my makes! I like the concept of connected chipboards too for an easy dynamic element.
I do like your butterfly Bibi, very subtle, but I think I want to see a bright coloured butterfly with a summer vibe to cheer me up!
Jane said…
What a beautiful butterfly Bibi, how unique that the pieces can be connected....I really like that. I tend to use sentiment chippies but occasionally for special occasions I actually use large chipboards eg printer box type shapes etc. I would love to give one of these a try and could fly mine in my studio too ;0) x
These is amazing schading on the butterflu. love it.I like to try it. Greeting Janny
Denise Bryant said…
Beautiful shading and details! Pretty project! Love the white embossing on it!
I do not usually use chipboard, but I'd love to try! said…
Denise, Jane, Janney and Craftyfield pop on over to to get yours! We have 60+ different designs and lots of fun posable Totem Poppet animals to choose from!
Unknown said…
Love this and love the connect chipboards, what a fab idea :)
Janis said…
[bribe]That is the most awesome mixed media chipboard butterfly EVER!!! I totally LOVE the muted colors you used and how you used the text paper underneath. The stamping is perfect and how brave of you to cut the little phrase off the one stamp! I have only done that once or twice....but I need to remember that as an option. Fabulous work. Totally love it!!![/bribe]

Hahahaha....I am totally serious abt what I said. I have only seen the EyeConnect chipboards before in one of Gail's projects, but it was so cool! I would like to try more chipboard in my own projects, but I don't have very much. Definitely interested in this company and in your prize! Thanks so much for the chance to win!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com
Sylvia said…
Love the colours and stamping on your butterfly, a beautiful project to display. I would love to doing a few altered chipboard peice this year and will certainly check out Eyeconnect Craft.
Francine Perri said…
I use chipboard on my collages I love it and I do love the butterfly nice job!!!
TangledBlueRose said…
Bibi your butterfly is magical, love it! Tackling chipboard is still new to me and something I am planning on playing with for sure! Your butterfly is so inspiring and you are such an enabler, have to check out Eyeconnect. Thanks so much for sharing!~kim blueroseblogger at gmail dot com
JennyH said…
Wow, love your butterfly Bibi. I don't really use chipboard although I have a few pieces I have never used. You have inspired me to dig them out and pretty them up : )
Leanne said…
I'm new to your blog, landed here out of curiosity to know what 'Rubber Dance Blog' was about & am your newest follower. The butterfly is lovely. I never attempted using chipboard, perhaps your project maybe an inspiration in the near future. Love your collection of rubber stamps & hope to join the challenges.
ionabunny said…
Gorgeous butterfly. Love how you have used the white stamping/embossing on the black. I like using chipboards. Adds a bit of dimension and fun to a project. Hugz
WOW! That is awesome - I use chipboard but I never thought of hanging it like that before...such a fun project :) Love it!
Kay Wallace said…
I have a few chipboards left in my stash, but haven't used any in quite a white. I have always used them "naked," but love how your have multi printed layers on this butterfly. Nicely done! Thanks for the chance to win some new chips!!
Unknown said…
WOW!!!! Great butterfly, loving the way its been decorated, never knew you could buy them to be able to join together this way. Have only used chipboard a few times and only small ones at that. Going to have a look at Eyeconnwct's page now. Thank you for the inspiration ��
ike said…
Oh - now that is just super cool - I love the stamping on there. How big is that butterfly ?? :-) I have some few treasured chipboard bits that a friend sent me but as yet I haven't used them... I just sit and covet them hahaha :-D It was great to visit you - I came over from Crafty Nomad :-)

IKE xx

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ionabunny said…
Thanks for dropping by Ike. Hugz
Becca Cruger said…
My goodness this butterfly is SO fleeping cool! I love how that white just POPS right off. I do use chipboard in my cardmaking, when I remember to. It's awesome inspiration like this that reminds me to pull it out!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and funny bribes! :)
Much, much appreciated!! The winner was announced yesterday.
♥ ♥ ♥
Bibi Lindahl said…
Welcome, Leanne - thanks for following! ♥
Bibi Lindahl said…
hi ike - thanks for becoming a follower ♥
The butterfly is quite big with a 20 cm wingspan.

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