A Day to Celebrate + GIVEAWAY!

Hello, dear stamping friends all over the world! Bibi here today with 
THREE things to celebrate!

Today is the Norwegian National Day, which is celebrated with childrens' parades and marching bands all over  the country. The proper way to greet a Norwegian on May 17th is to say, "Gratulerer med dagen!" (Literally: Congratulations with the day). This photo is from a parade in Oslo:

May 17th is also my mum's birthday and today she's turning 75! After watching the parades, we're celebrating mum's big day with family and friends at her place. I have always made birthday cards for mum using the colours of our flag (red, white and blue), but this year I did something different and I know she likes these colours, too. Background paper made with spray inks.

The flower stamps are from Antique Botanicals. The Happy Birthday is a die from Quietfire Design, and I put two die cuts on top of one another - white under blue for contrast against the background. The die is made from Quietfire's owner Suzanne Cannon's handwritten calligraphy, which I think is gorgeous! She makes calligraphy rubber stamps as well and I have quite a few.  I'm not affiliated, just been a big fan for many years. (Super cool stamps, super sweet owner!).

The third thing to celebrate today is this blog's 2nd anniversary! I started working on the settings of this blog on May 14th 2014, and the first post was on May 19th.  It was called 'Easy Face-Lift. Just add Water'. Say, whuuut? Here is one of the tags, which might explain what sort of "face-lift" I was talking about:

Stamp an image of a face on a Distress ink background, then "erase" the ink with a waterbrush so the face (and other parts of skin showing) turns nearly white. That's my "just add water face-lift"!

I wanted to make a card for today's post with the same stamp (Hippie Gal)
 and ended up using the card for my Celebration Giveaway image:

Since there are THREE things to celebrate today, there will also be THREE winners!

1st prize: THREE stamp sets/sheets of your choice from Rubber Dance!
2nd prize: TWO sets/sheets of your choice
3rd: ONE 
sets/sheets of your choice

All you have to do:

Visit the Rubber Dance web shop. Find three sets/sheets of stamps that you really like, and let us know which they are in the comment field below. If you win, you'll either get one, two or all three, so make sure you name the sheets you want the most ;-)

You have until May 26th at noon Central European Time to join my giveaway.

The winners will be announced on this blog on May 27th, so remember to come back to check if you won - or I'll have to hunt you down and smack you over the head with a sheet if rubbah! (And I don't mean that in a kinky-weird sort of way, so don't get any funny ideas, awright? LOL)

May the luckiest three commenters win! ;-)

Update May 27th: This giveaway has now closed and the winners are announced here.

! Celebration Sale !

If you cannot stand having to wait and see if you won, you may place an order of your three fave sets/sheets (or more) and get a 30 % discount (gasp!) on your entire order with this coupon code: 170530.  

The discount code works this week only (Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd) and is good on orders of lucky number 3 sets/sheets (or more). 

If you place an order, you may still comment below and name three more sheets you like and be eligible to win, of course. 

Thanks for visiting today! 


Small text:
To draw any winners, I will need comments from 17 people or more (in addition to any comments from the Design Team)
and only comments where three stamp sets/sheets are listed will count.  
Members of the Design Team cannot win any prizes. They get plenty of stamps anyway, so this is our blog readers' chance to get their hands on some, too.
I will not reply to any comments, but I can assure you that I do read each and every one and that any compliments are much appreciated - just in silence this time. (I will do my best to answer any questions you might have, though).


Denise Bryant said…
Happy anniversary for your blog, and happy birthday to your Mum, and Happy Norwegian National Day! Thanks for celebrating with us!
Bold & Beautiful, Weed Love, and Pines Fir Yew are my faves!
Lilian said…
Congratulations!!! Happy Norwegian National Day! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for a chance to win!
Women Collage, Vintage Birds, African Animals are my top 3.
The Leaf Studio
Glennis F said…
Wow! 3 things to celebrate! Congratulations, and a special birthday wish for your Mother. I too turn 75, but 2 days later!
The stamp sets I would choose are Retro Beach, Da Vinci and Travel
Sari / Granne said…
Wau! What a day, :D Happy National, B-day and Anniversary!
The set I choose would be Celestial Images, Da Vinci and Weed Love. Thank you for the change to win!
Suman Pandit said…
Gratulerer med dagen Bibi!!! Special birthday wishes for your Mom and a happy Anniversary !! My favourite sets are Da Vinci, Collage Mix and Antique Botanicals !! Thank you so much for a chance !!
Jane said…
So much to celebrate Bibi..happy birthday to your dear Mum especially.What a wonderful and generous giveaway. My 3 favourites are; vintage birds, Da Vinci and envelope stamps. Thanks for the chance to win. Enjoy all your celebrations...where did the last 2 years go..wow! xx
SD pooja said…
Wow..Celebration x3 !! I am wishing you in advance "Gratulerer med dagen!"
Scrumplescrunch said…
Hello Bibi,
Many congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary of your Blog, good luck for the next couple of years, Popping over always inspires me to create and although I love your stamps as they are unique and can be used in so many ways, I am not lucky enough to have an abundance of your designs, I would love to have a few more so many many thanks for the opportunity to win.
If I am so lucky to be a winner I would like: I heart Art, Chinese, and Fly with me.
Have a great day.

SD pooja said…
My three favorites are Round in Circles ,women collage and vintage birds.Thank you for the giveaway !
Majo said…
All the best for your Mom ♥
ike said…
How super - congratulations on your 2 years and I hope you have fun on your special holiday day. Happy birthday to your Mum and I hope she has many more :-D
My faves are: ATC Backgrounds 1, Nostalgic Couple, I Love Leaves.

Thanks for the chance to win.

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Craftyfield said…
Happy National Day Bibi and congratulations all around!
My mother's birthday is also on her National Day and she celebrated her 75th last year! Nice to always have a holiday on your birthday isn't it...
My 3 favourite sets (not yet in my collection...) are Sarcastic Superpowers, Pines Fir Yew and Round in Circles.
Many congratulations Bibi.

My favorits are;1=Antique Botanicals, 2= I love leaves, 3=African Animals.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Thangs also for your lovely comments on my blog. Zelfs in het Nederlands!
Gr, Elly
Tone K. said…
Gratulerer med dagen! Til din mor også! :)
Mine tre favoritter er:
- Weed Love - Round in Circles - I Love Leaves
Tusen takk for muligheten til å vinne :)
Karen P said…
Happy Norweigan National Day/Congratulations With The Day to each and eveyrone in Norway plus you awesomely talented ladies too!
I know exactly what sets are the top of my huge wish list and they are:
#1 A Little Birdie
#2 African Animals
#3 Love Lives Here

Many many thanks for the chance and I hope you have a very happy day Karen x
Julie S said…
Good morning! First thngs first...Gratulerer med dagen! And Happy Birthday to you mum as well. :)

What a wonderful chance to add to our collections. Congrats on Year 2 as well.

The first 3 I'd like to add to my collection are: Round in Circles, Affirmations and Retro Beach.

Have a fabulous day!
Oh wow....thats a great day to celebrate this things :)
Congratulation to you and your blog Bibi. Congratulation and the best wishes to your mum <3
And thanks a lot to celebrate with you and the chance to the great giveaway. My 3 favourites are "I Love Leaves", "Round in Circles" and "Think Again".

hugs Anja
ionabunny said…
Wow. Happy birthday Norway, Happy birthday blog. Happy birthday Bibi's mum. Someone will be a very happy stamper. Oh sorry, three someones will be very happy stampers. Good luck everyone. Hugz
Kay said…
Happy Birthday to Bibi's mother! Cheers to Norway! What a wonderful day there. It sounds like it would be so fun to celebrate with everyone.
Great giveaway too!!! It's so hard to choose from so many great stamps.
My favourites would be: 1. Sarcastic Superpower 2.Celestial Images 3. Nostalgic Couples.
Thank you!
Chris Dring said…
Wow! Happy Norwegian National day! Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! Happy Birthday to Bibi's Mom! (Beautiful card!) Fantastic reasons to celebrate! You made it super hard to pick 3 sets, as they are ALL fantabulous! So, after much going back and forth, my 3 pics are:
1. Something Fishy
2. Da Vinci
3. Music
Thanks for the chance to win!!
PiaRom said…
Oh congrats to Bibi´s Mom and the blog anniversary! Time to celebrate :) After I have purchased some amazing rubberstamps last month I am totally in love with them
and I now have an eye on
1. I heart art
2. alphabet uno
3. weed love
So awesome to have a change to win some stamps here!!! Wohoo!
Many artsy greez from Conny
Wow, a triple celebration, many congratulations, it looked a very big parade! I love following your blog but unfortunately haven't managed to buy any of your stamps yet, so this is a very exciting prospect.
The sets I would love to win are Weed Love, I Heart Art and Round In Circles.
Thank you for being so generous, Rachel
Cazzy said…
Hi Bibi,
Congratulations on so much to celebrate. The 17th is also my little grandson's 4th birthday - he has got so big!
I love: Celestial Images, Take the Plunge and Mushrooms.
Gratulerer med dagen
Unknown said…
congrats! my favorite stamps are African animals, antique botanicals and affirmations. Thanks and goog luck to all of us. Eleni
alice k. said…
A huge congratulations to Rubber Dance! My favorites are many, but I just love these: Envelope stamps, Fly with me, For the birds.
New Creations said…
Hello Bibi! Many congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! So many occasions to celebrate!
My fave stamps are A little birdie, Affirmations and Something wonderful. Thanks for being generous opportunity to win!
Jane Willis said…
Belated birthday wishes to your Mum and your blog! My favourite sheets are Sarcastic Superpower, Travel and African Animals
Blue Kube said…
So much to celebrate! My favs are Round in Circles, Weed Love and Stitch and Frame. Thanks for the chance to win.
Gerrina said…
Congratulations on your bloganiversary! And congratulations on your mom's birthday (that is my mom's too! She turned 78) And I hope that you had a wonderful National day!
My favorite stamps are Happy dancing, Somethings wonderful and Twiggy leaves...but it is hard to chose just three... Thanks for giving the oppurtunity to stamp even more with your beautiful stamps! But most of all; have a colourful week!
hellerlittle said…
oh BIBI .. I´m a bit to late *so sorry
but I hope you had have a great national Day and a lot of fun with the family at your Moms birthday party !!!!
Congrats to the 2nd blog birthday ... always come to see all your wonderfull inspirations !!!

My, not in stuff, favorites are:
A little birdie ...
Artist Plate
Weed Love

thanks a bunch for the chance to win 1--2--3 ;o)

LG hellerlittle
Ellie Knol said…
Congratulations 3 times Bibi! All on one day! Your mom is still young, mine is 89, hehe. Which stamps sets are my favorites? Only three? OK, if you want to know... in order of preference:
1. Antique botanicals,
2. Round in circles and
3. Weed Love!
Three happy stampers after the 27th, that's for sure!
Anie said…
My favourites are:
1. Herbs
2. Travel
3. Weed love

Jackie PN said…
Hello Bibi!!
First off, happy Birthday to you Mum, belated yes, but sending wishes for many more years of good health and happiness!! (lucky you to still have her!)
Congratulations on your anniversary!!-throwing confetti in the air here!!
I am sure Rubberdance has much more to share and many more blog posts to inspire us with!
Happy Norwegian Day! Sounds like it is like our 4th of July!!
Three cheers for the Red,White & Blue is what we say!!
And now finally on to my three favorite stamps sets, should I be the lucky winner-
1.I heart art
2. Twiggy Leaves
3.Retro Beach
keeping my fingers crossed! xx
Siggadisart said…
African Animals, Beautiful Bugs and I Heart Art are my favourite 3 :) But there are many more I like :) Congratulation with all things happening this day, what a day :) Have a beautiful weekend, the sun is shining in Iceland today, a thing to celebrate :)
Anonymous said…
Hello! Congratulations for three!!!
And thank you for the opportunity, my favourite stamp sets are Pines Fir Yew, I Love Leaves and Antique Botanicals.
Greetings to you and your Mom! :)
Clara from Italy
Hi bibi, firstly, congratulations so much 2 Year. Secondly, you have so many cool piston, to only have to choose 3 is very difficult. I have the coolest here at home, so I do not bring in the top 3. But after discussing with myself, I have found that I really crave these 3 - something wonderful- round in cicles - affirmations. I have admitted I smooth have made the top 10 and top 20. Continue the good job making cool stamp. And good luck hope it will be many years you and your team will inspire us.

Big hug Jorunn.
not piston, stamps :)
A belated Gratulerer med dagen! and Happy 75th Birthday to your mom! And Happy 2nd Blogiversary to you! My fave three (that I don't already have!) are:
1. Nostalgic Couples
2. Travel
3. Sarcastic Superpower
Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!
Tee said…
There is much to celebrate! Thank you for sharing it with us! Wishing you joy & happiness! Hugs.
I love all the stamps in the shop, but I could brake it down to:
Collage Element 1
Collage Element 2
Think Again!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you all for your comments! ♥ My Giveaway has now closed and the winners announced in this post: http://rubberdance.blogspot.no/2016/05/giveaway-winners.html

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