Mixed Media Painting - from Iceland

Hello! Bibi asked if I wanted to be a Guest Designer for Rubber Dance, and this is my first post of two.

My name is Sigga Dís, I live in Iceland where I work as an art teacher, teaching art to children from 6 to 16 years old. 

I have always been creating, love art class in school and in October 2011 I found out that I could take on-line classes in art. Since then I have taken so many classes and learned so much. If you go visiting my blog you can see all the classes I have taken for the last five years. 

I have a blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, Etsy and Instagram by my name Siggadisart. I'm not so active on all of them but I'm trying. You can find links to all my social media at the end of this post.

I love to make backgrounds and love to use stamps and stencils when making them.
I love to create, I do paint or draw something every day. Can't think of a day without painting. 

I'm going to show you step by step how I work when making my art. Hope that you enjoy and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Here you can see what I made when trying my new stamps for the first time.

I started by using Dailer Rowney FW ink on a 300 gr. cold pressed paper 
also form Dailer Rowney. 
I used a spray bottle to get a little flow on the ink.
While working you have to be careful not mixing together 
warm and cold colours when they are still wet because then 
you will get brown colour.

While waiting for the ink to dry I cut my stamps and found out there were many I liked a lot.

Could not wait to start...

I thought it would be difficult to choose from all of the stamps, I have to say I have my favourites.. Here is a link to the Rubber Dance Shop.

Take a look, love those circle stamps and the spiral is my favourite.

More details..

The paint I'm using is Golden. If you have't tried Golden, you should. 
Golden fluid is my favourite, the colours are so bright and so soft to use 
and they are so transparent.

I'm adding little colour here and there

Working with white colour. In Mixed Media you can always make a new layer. 
If you are not happy you just make a new layer until you are happy with your painting.

Here I'm almost done, I wanted to doodle a little here and there.

Now I was done, but no I wanted something more..

Do you see what I did?
I made the circle on the bottom to a flower and now I was done.

So what do you think?
You are most welcome to leave a comment, would make me very happy.

Supply list:

Golden fluid paint
Daler Rowney FW ink
Daler Rowney 300 gr. cold pressed paper
Posca pen
Spray bottle for water

Here you can find me:

Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a great day!


Sigga Dís


Majo said…
Love the variety of stamps you used and the beautiful way you put them together!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Sæl, Sigga mín! I absolutely LOVE your painting and I think it's very interesting to read about your process. I can learn so much from how you do things!

I recommend everyone to visit Sigga's social media and look at all the cool things she makes. Such a talented woman! Her being from Iceland makes it extra special for me because I have lived there and love everything Icelandic :-)))

I'm so happy that you were willing to GD for me, Sigga. Þakka þér innilega fyrir það!
♥ ♥ ♥
Gerrina said…
What a great and sunny project! Love how you used so many stamps and the way you collaged them!
What a cool painting, Sigga! Plenty to lay eyes on and discover the more you look at it. I love the colors you've used and the way you have built it all up with Rubber Dance Stamps! Thanks for the great inspiration!
Hugs, Anita ♥
Karen P said…
It's beautiful and I love those stamps and have them too! Just fantastic inspiration, thank you for sharing this ladies creations with us Bibi, I am now following this talented artist too Karen x
Mac Mable said…
Wow you had fun with this project. Gorgeous vibrant colours and fabulous layout. Thank you for sharing x
Siggadisart said…
Thank you Majo, I had fun using the stamps :)
Siggadisart said…
Dear Bibi, thank you for asking :) I really enjoyed playing with the stamps. You can ask me anytime :)
Siggadisart said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Siggadisart said…
Thank you Gerrina, I had difficulty choosing which one to use :) Rubber Dance Stamp has so many cool stamps I think :)
Siggadisart said…
Thank you Anita :)
Siggadisart said…
Thank you for this nice comment :)
Siggadisart said…
Thank you for your nice comment, I really had fun :)
Sigrun Linda said…
This is so cool Sigga Dís!!! :D
Artatag said…
Love your vibrant painting, Sigga! And I am glad you like my spiral, it means a lot to me.
Siggadisart said…
Thank you Sigrún :)
Siggadisart said…
Thank you Gabriele, the spiral is my favourite :)
Lynne Mizera said…
Dear Sigga, Sometimes there are just no words BIG ENOUGH to express how someone's work affects you, and that is how I feel about this wonderful painting of yours. I cannot stop looking at your woman! Something about her just touches my artistic soul. I love everything about your work, the colours you used, the wonderful movement and energy of the piece, and that lovely figure! I am off to go look at your blog and I am anticipating a wonderful journey for my senses. Smile ... Thank you for sharing your amazing work with all of us!!!
Siggadisart said…
Thank you Lynne for your very kind words. You made my heart smile :) Hope you like what you see on my blog, please visit as often as you feel for :) Have a great week :)

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