I'm Not Dull!!!!! Check out the Evidence ;-)

Hi Everyone, it is Helen on the DT here and it is my turn to share an idea or two with you this rainy Sunday (perfect crafting weather!!)

I am using some gorgeous and brand new stamps from the lovely Bibi today and I know you are going to love them.  They are Envelope Stamps and are perfect for putting the finishing touches to all your crafting mail.  If you love taking part in swaps or pocket letters then these are must have stamps to add to your collection!

My tutorial today is more of a look what you could be doing and an ideas tutorial rather than a detailed step by step.  I was inspired by one of the many, many stamps in this set that says 'Only dull people send dull envelopes'!  Challenge laid down and accepted Bibi…………

I started out on my crafting journey thinking just envelopes and then things took on a life of their own as you will see.  One envelope became a pretty set of three……

I even created one to send to Australia!!!  You have to watch the video to know more ;-)

Once I had three pretty and definitely not dull envelopes I decided to create matching note cards.  I kept it simple and just took a few elements from the envelopes to make the note cards.

I hope my tutorial inspires you to get busy creating fabulous envelopes ready for the next time you want to swap snail mail with your crafting friends.  Check out the brand new stamps from Rubber Dance over here!

As you can see from the video you could turn them into a lovely gift too.  Just add note cards and a pretty ribbon.

I hope I have inspired you to create fabulous envelopes and to get inky with your Rubber Dance Stamps.  Have fun!




Jane said…
These are just gorgeous and your creations using them are stunning. I received some happy mail from Bibi in the week and have featured her stunning envelope on my most recent blog post! Xx
Julie S said…
The minute I saw Bibi's post about these new stamps I ordered them. So much fun! I've been decorating my outgoing mail like nobody's business. :) Love what you've done here with yours. I need to step up my game!
ionabunny said…
These stamps are such fun. Love the bright colours Helen used. Hugz
Craftyfield said…
I have made envelopes to match my cards before... but cards to match my envelopes... Love the mail inspired stamps, great fun!
Suman Pandit said…
loved the gorgeous inky envelopes and the cards Helen !! enjoyed watching the video and your tips !!
Charne said…
That was a fun video to watch! Great new stamps and I love your results!
Unknown said…
Ooohhh fab - love the white pen details - they make the world of difference.
TwinkleToes2day said…
SUPERB!! I am definitely getting these stamps. The best ones to come out in ages. Wee Man will use them too I just know it. Thanks for the tutorial, inspiration and awesome stamp collection :o)) xx
These are such an eye candy, Helen. Love the colorful mails...must be a pleasure to receive one!
Susanne Rose said…
They are awesome!!!
Unknown said…
This is sooo fun Helen - thanks bunches for such FABULOUS inspirations. AND... I just have to say... I just received an order from Rubber Dance Stamps today and I PROMISE YOU - the envelope is just toooo pretty to open. It is covered in all these wonderful envelope stamps..... and I am just letting it set here... haven't opened it yet.... just soaking up the FUN FUN FUN of the envelope.... makes me SMILE SO BIG. These stamps are all MARVELOUS. j.

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