Quite Pinteresting?

Heeey, beloved blog readers! Do any of you use Pinterest? Let's find one another! :)

Please leave a comment below and include the link to your own Pinterest page, then come back after a few days and check out the links that other Pinteresting People have left. 

I will check out each and every link left in the comments, and follow all the boards I find Quite Pinteresting! Pinterest is my first stop when I need inspiration (and sometimes I forget to leave and make something because I just love browsing around, pinning to my heart's content!)

Rubber Dance is right here: https://www.pinterest.com/rubberdance  You'll find a lot of Rubber Dance related boards (cards, art journals, tags, video tutorials and more), as well as my own non-related boards, such as Gardening, Quotes, Funny Food, Cute Cars (yes, there is such a thing!), and a whole bunch of ideas for paper crafts, stamping in particular.  Pin there, pinned that ....

Leave a comment, check one another's links and meet some new Pinteresting Phriends! :-)

I'm looking forward to checking out YOUR Pinteresting Stuff! Yoohoo!!

Now, over to a totally different topic: For those of you who remember this post, here's the photo you might have been waiting for:

Notice the nail clippers and file on the table ...

Yes, m'ladies and gents! I did it! I dusted off my ol' guitar, cut my left hand's fingernails short and dived in... only to produce a sound much like that of two cats fighting on a tin roof, but a girl gotta start somewhere, right? I used to know how to play a few songs way back in my younger days, but I have forgotten most of the chords I once knew. You'd think it was like riding a bike! Not so at all, not for me anyway. So ... I'll have to start back at square one.

The first song I want to learn how to play is Love Is All Around (not the original, but the cover version by R.E.M), because I used to know how to play that one - besides, I'll just have to re-learn only five pretty basic chords! :-)

Here's an acoustic recording from 1991. It's not top quality, but it has that "ba-bappapa-bappa-ba", sort of "interlude" that I like so much:

Here is the art journal/collage I made for the post I mentioned above.

I Wish I Could Play the Guitar (April 2015)

 Here's a promise: Some day, and I won't say when, I'll make a recording of myself playing that song and put it out on YouTube! There. I can't back down now, can I? 

Arright. 'Nuff talking - off to practise I go! Remember to share your Pinterest link in the comments, OK?

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, be tremendously good to one another ♥



Julie S said…
Waa-ha-ha! Woo=hoo-hoo! (Me laughing maniacally at the mere suggestion that I could possibly NOT be a Pinterest addict...) I'm here:


Good for you for picking up the guitar again, too!
Bibi Lindahl said…
ROTFL - from another addict! Thanks for sharing your link - I'm now a follower of lots and lots of your crafty boards, and then some! :-)
Artatag said…
Haha, that is going to be quite pinteresting!! You find me here:


I can´t wait to hear your recording, you rock, lady!! ♥
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks for sharing, Gabi! I already follow most of your boards :)
You may have to be patient about he recording, but I will do it!! :-D
Gerrina said…
It is going totally Pinteresting!
Here are my boards: https://www.pinterest.com/gerrinacreatief/
And great to play music aswell; it is so relaxing...
Have a colourful week!
Unknown said…
Here I am:


Following rubberdance now - I'm new to pinterest though so not too savvy yet!!!

So great that you are going to play again... I understand - I play the piano and if you don't play for awhile - it takes practice to remember it all! Hope you persevere!!!

Hugs. j.
Craftyfield said…
Never say never... but... between Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc...there were too many sites for me so I decided to limit myself as these things tend to eat up your time without you noticing!
Unknown said…
Ohhhhhh ugh - almost forgot... LOVE LOVE LOVE your art journal collage - it's totally WONDERFUL Bibi. j
Ellie Knol said…
I am here: https://nl.pinterest.com/ellieknol/
Playing the guitar is really one of staying in form :) I know, I am like you, rusted...
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Gerrina! You have a lot of Quite Pinteresting boards and now I'm a follower of many of them :-))) I wish you a colourful week, too!
Bibi Lindahl said…
I know what you mean, Craftyfield! Being online on different places can take a lot of time.....
Thank you for leaving a comment! :-)))
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks, Joi! :-))
And thanks for becoming a follower on Pinterest! I looked you up and I'm now following your artistic creations - lots of really cooool stuff there!!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks for sharing your link, Ellie! :-)) I now follow several of your boards. Lots of yummy creations and inspiration there.

This is so fun, you guys!
I looove to read your posts Bibi, they make me laugh!! :) :) We will see another journal page by you when you will make your own Guitar video !!
My Pinterst boar is here... https://www.pinterest.com/nagaonkarshilpa/
Bibi Lindahl said…
So happy to hear I can make you laugh, Shilpa! :-)))
Yes, I guess I'll have to make a new AJ page to go with my recorded guitar video :))
Thank you for sharing your link. I already follow you - so many creative boards! :))))
Sandra Wright. said…
Here is my link Bibi....I'll be adding more projects soon...x
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thanks! You have cool boards, Sandie! I'm now following you ...x

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