Is it Spring yet? Ramblings and Cards by Bibi

Hello everyone! How's the weather in your part of the world? We had enjoyed such an early spring here in the south-east of Norway, with spring flowers blooming weeks before usual. All was good, better than good! Until Thursday last week.... Lots and lots of snow in just a few hours. Crazy! I had an appointment at the vet at 8 am (my dog Ulla's annual check-up and shots) and the vet's clinic is at the end of a countryside road so I called first to ask whether they had shovelled her road, which they had not, but several cars had driven on it already, she said, so I took the chance. It went well (our car still had winter tires), but I could feel the snow pushing against the "belly" of the car so if there had been just a few centimetres more snow I'd probably get stuck out there in the boonies. While I was at the vet's, several people called to cancel their appointments. Chickens! Or maybe not .....

Snowflakes keep falling on my head ...

On my way back home there was a 3 kilometre long queue over the bridge and it was not moving at all! You'd think Norwegians knew how to drive in these conditions, but it's the same every time the first snow falls - and this IS the first real snowfall we've had since last winter. I decided to take the long route up the river instead (an extra 50 km), just to find it was nearly as bad on that side.... So what do a girl do? Go for a walk with her dog, of course, in the hope that the traffic would be moving faster by the time we came back to the car. Well, it wasn't... but Ulla had a blast, playing in the snow!

I think I heard a mouse!

We finally made it home OK, it just took 1.5 hours instead of 15 minutes .... So, I may not be a chicken, but I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer...

I dug out some of my flowers that had been covered with a 25 cm layer of snow for 3 days. Pansies may look fragile, but d
on't judge a book by its cover! (Or in this case,  don't judge a plant by its flower ...)

When I write this, it's been exactly one week since that very surprising snowfall; the sun has done its job and melted the nasty snow away, and warmer days are here again. Tjoohoo! :-) 

Anyway, didn't I say "cards" up there in the headline? I believe I did! With no further fuss about nothing, here they are - all summery and springy.

This card has left the building ... (I made it for Majo on my DT):

Chipboard swirl from Creative Embellishments


I cut the Think Again stamp into sections before stamping on the card's panel.

I stamped "Let it be" twice and cut out the extra "E" I needed.
Flower dies from Elizabeth Craft Design.

I put crackle medium into some areas of the stenciled honeycomb.
I had used texture paste coloured with drops of reinkers in brown and yellow.

Sentiment stamped on acetate

The flowers are made out of distressed circles with a ribbon for the stems.
Birds and flowers stamped with our music notes background stamp.

Combined stamps from Antique Botanicals, Love Lives Here
and Happy Birthday. Coloured with Inktence watercolour pencils.

Curled squares around foam tape in the middle

The next card is not made by me, but I just have to share it!
As part of an article about dog and cat themed paper from Graphic 45 and Anna Griffin,
my friend Judi Kauffman made this card with my dog's name! How cool is THAT?

You can read the article here:
Judi made this card back in February, and then sent it to me after the photo shooting was over.
It's hanging on the wall in my studio :)

Here's one more photo of my famous dog, this time in sunshine!

Here comes the sun, little darling!

And with that, no - wait! While I have your attention, have you joined my giveaway this month? 

You have until April 21st, noon central European time:

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a wonderful day, 
and lots of nice weather - wherever you are.


All the stamps used on my cards are from Rubber Dance, and you can find them all here.


Majo said…
Beautiful creations, dear Bibi, and YEAH, one of them is mine :) Love the pics of Ulla :) Those little squares are amazing, so many colours on such a small space, love it!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, darling! ♥ I thought it was high time that I showed some photos of Ulla. She's always with me in the studio, keeping me company (and often snoring on her carpet) while I work - or play :) Glad to hear you like my squares - I had challenged myself to stamp on those, much smaller than I usually do.
Artatag said…
Wow, that was a busy girl. The snow did not do any harm to your creativity! Lovely projects! All of them!
But of course Ulla is stealing the show ;-) I know her in person, she is such a sweety!
Unknown said…
Goodness me you've been busy! Gorgeous projects; even more gorgeous pooch!!!
Craftyfield said…
Great cards Bibi, I see lots of creative ideas here (and filing them away for future use!) . As far as the weather is concerned we haven't had snow in the south of the UK but it never gets warm until the end of April. Lovely pic of Ulla by the way!
Lizzy Hill said…
Fabulous cards! LOOOVE the lollipop flowers & the crackle in the bee card is a great touch. As for the SNOW... Totally BIZZARE.... Loved the pansy photo & your for dog frolicking in the snow:):))
massofhair said…
Ulla is adorable Bibi, i do love an intelligent dog, must be so lovely to have her alongside you in your studio! some amazing cards you have shown and my favourite has to be Bee one for it's amazing crackle and the flower one for it''s amazing distressed flowers and those stems are amazing.

We have been so lucky in the NW of England, it has been very sunny here during the day over the Easter Weekend but has gone very cold around 5pm. Glad the snow has vanished and you are having some better weather :-) xxx
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you all for taking the time to leave such sweet comments! ♥
Julie Lee said…
Bibi - do you ever sleep??? How do you find the time to create such stunning and beautiful cards and run a business and be a friend to such an amazing dog and leave such lovely comments on the blogs etc that you follow? These cards are so pretty and quirky at the same time, which I love and such an inspiration, I'm determined to join in the RD challenge for April! xx
Susanne Rose said…
Bibi, I love your creations! No card looks like the other! It's totally inspiring. Hugs, Susanne.
Bibi Lindahl said…
LOL, I think sleep more than most people! Sometimes I think it's a little embarrasing to say that I need a nap during the day, so I call it siesta instead ;-)
I didn't make all the cards in this post at the same time - I just never got around to published them right away after making them. Some days are certainly busier than others, but I need to "steal" time from work and create now and then...or else I'd go cocco-coo! ;-)
Thank you for you kind words! xx

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