Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

Hello crafters, Craftyfield here back for another Guest Designer spot.

The piece I have today is a bit different, for one I don't know what to call it: it's not a card and it is too small to say it's a journal page!
Anyway, with the events of the 13th of November in mind, I wanted to highlight the colours of the French flag (the Bleu Blanc Rouge of the title), which also happen to be the colours of the Rubber Dance challenge this month.

Paris has a special place in my heart and, with very little in the way of supplies, I managed to get the page to "say" what I wanted to say.

Distress inks create a French flag background.
The Eiffel Tower (from the Travel set) is symbolic for Paris
The word Souvenir [1] is both for Paris as a tourist destination and for the remembrance of the victims.
The word Always is illustrating the famous Casablanca film quote "We'll always have Paris".
In combination these words also deliver their remembrance message (Always remember)

Both Souvenir from Travel and Always from Nostalgic Couples are "filler" stamps that you may overlook when buying a full sheet of images, but it occurred to me how useful these "fillers" stamps can be. In fact you may find that, overtime, you actually use them more often than the big images.

Words can be combined into new meanings, small motifs can be repeated to create backgrounds, frames etc... so have look at the small stamps in your stash and imagine other uses for them.

Happy stamping,

[1] The word Souvenir in French has the following meanings:
        - as a verb : to remember
        - as a noun : memories
        - and Souvenir (i.e keepsake )


Susanne Rose said…
Wow! That looks so beautiful and elegant!!! Great work.
Bibi Lindahl said…
I am at loss for words about what happened in Paris that day.... I love what you made here. I think it speaks volumes. Thank you!
ionabunny said…
Cool. Love you simple but striking card. So much meaning with minimal elements. I think you call it a work of art, or maybe heart. Hugz
Unknown said…
Oh how beautiful. Love the circles around the outside - makes me think of the work united. Perfect colors too! j.
Awesome card, yes you expressed lot of things in this beautiful art.

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