Rock Carvings Rock!

Hi there, my dear friends of Rubber Dance! I am Gabriele from Art-a-tag and I am a Mixed Media artist from Germany. Very nice to see you again!! Now lets go to the next step of our wonderful journey using the fantastic new Rubber Dance stamps. OMG! I am still breathless, when I think of it! I WAS IN NORWAY VISITING BIBI LINDAHL OF RUBBER DANCE!!!

Many times we talked about how nice it would be coming together and we were making plans and dreamed. After many dreams my desire became stronger than my laziness and I bought myself a ticket and took off. To Norway, where I wanted to go to for so many years! Now I did it and I really felt a dream come true. I have been in contact with Bibi for some time and got to know her quite well, but meeting in person is something else for sure. Being a designer for her Rubber Dance stamps gave it an extra interest to see the place where she creates all these lovely things.

We decided to make a special spread with some special stamps and also show a shot of us in the studio (hm, we both don´t like to be photographed). You can easily see, that we were busy during my visit! Ulla, Bibi´s darling poodle was always a nice companion.


Bibi is such a cheerful woman, we did have a lot of fun. But we also created some interesting things. Norway is famous for its many, many rock carving sites - I think there are more than 10.000!!! Here is some info from Wikipedia:
I always loved these prehistorical forms, figures and runes and liked to incorporate them into my paintings. You can imagine how happy I was, that Bibi wanted to show me a rock carving site near her town, called Begby. Here you can see a small selection of photos, the complete tour is on my Art-a-tag blog: back from stampers heaven

I found some pages in the net about rock carvings in Norway, the best one is in German, sorry. But I am sure, now that you know it, you can find some yourself.
But the biggest surprise was that Rubber Dance has a sheet of stamps showing the rock carvings! How cool is that!!!! Here you go: rock-carving-stamps.

Marvellous, isn´t it?? Of course we had to make a spread with just that and also use the stamp leaves, because there were many autumn leaves on the rocks and it went together so well. Here you can see the Rubber Dance - Art-a-tag cooperation!


The background is created with acrylics and as stamping on that corrugated cardboard is not easy, Bibi stamped the carving images on rock photos.
Don´t these leaves look just real? They are from the sheet #NP1-M: I Love Leaves and are stamped on mono printed delicate paper and cut out. I looove this page.
These stamps are so unique, I cannot wait to create some art with it. Bibi made some wonderful wrapping paper and a matching tag.


The paper looks like a rock surface itself - loooove it Bibi!!

One thing I now know for sure - my stampers heaven is in Norway!!

See you soon to go on with our journey!

Oh! I almost forgot (how could I!) I must go back to Norway! Ulla is waiting.......


To see the Rock Carving stamps and many more, visit the webshop:
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Majo said…
Can't wait to get my hands on those lovely stamps ♥
Lizzy Hill said…
Wow!!! These are amazing - & I really enjoyed seeing studio & Norway photos - looked like you had a ball!!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you Majo, they really are unique.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Lizzy! We really had a lot of fun - Bibi is such a wonderful person!!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Aww, thanks Gabriele .... so are you!! Thank you for a fab post and for a fab time!! <3
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Bibi <3 <3 <3
Cataleya said…
WOW!!! Dear Bibi, thank you very much for this post!!! So beautiful photos!!! :))) The stamps are really AMAZING!!! I want to create with them :))) OH, Bibi, you are so creative and you always inspire so much!!! Thank you very much my dear!!! :)
~Olga Kovalchuk

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