Welcome to my Herb Garden

Hello everyone! Bibi here with a delicious project using the set of Herb stamps from Rubber Dance and polymer clay. I love cooking with home grown herbs! I live in the city and have no garden, but I make the best out of the space available. My herb "garden" is an old zinc tub, and here's how it looks with the stamped polymer clay signs I made:

The marigold flower is to keep flies and bugs away.
The zebra is to keep lions away. (Yes, it works - I've never seen a lion in my herb garden!)

I stamped the herb ovals on white polymer clay, using brown ink (Archival Coffee). I didn't know whether Distress ink would work, so I stamped one to find out, and what do you know - it turned out great and won't smear or run after baking. How cool is that? (It means I can use all my 30+ Distress colors for other polymer projects, too! Yoohoo!! I bet other brands of dye ink would work just as well!)

Instead of using a knife to cut around the ovals, I found it much easier to use a small pair of scissors. Just be careful not to touch the inked parts or you'll smear it all over the place (yes, I speak of experience here - how did you know??)

After cutting out the ovals, I used a knife to smooth the edges:

Before baking the ovals, I made a little hole by the top so I could hang the signs up, using a copper wire I had laying around (steel wire would of course work, too).

There are different brands of polymer clay, so follow the instructions on the package regarding temperature and time. I used Fimo Soft and baked my ovals at 110 C/230 F for 25 minutes and let them cool off for 30 minutes before attaching them to the copper wire.

I also made a few herb labels out of cardstock to use when I want to give someone a giftbag with dried herbs. I stamped the Herbal Text with Distress (Peeled Paint) on the bag and smooshed some ink on the edges (Peeled Paint and Shabby Shutters).

I hope you liked my post today. Thank you for stamping by!

:-) Bibi

All the stamps used for these projects are from Rubber Dancewww.rubberdance.com.
H1-1M Herbs and H1-10H Herb Text: http://rubberdance.com/nature.html

Polymer Clay
Dye ink
Paper bag
Ribbon (from Really Reasonable Ribbon)

To find the stamps used in this article, and many more, visit the Rubber Dance website: www.rubberdance.com
You can meet us on Facebook - come on over and say hi!


Cherry Pie said…
Oh yes, I do love this post a lot! :-) Such great idea and the best of all is that incredible zebra that keeps lions away instead of actually attracting them..... (lions eat zebras as far as I know! LOL)
I see that your fingers haven't lost any staining so you're definitely having fun!!! :-)***
If only I would have had a zebra to keep the deer out of my lettuce last year! Awesome project and I'm glad you experimented with the Distress Inks :)
TwinkleToes2day said…
What beautiful stamps and beautifully shown off in your herb bath and that fabulous herb bag!! Love it all. I may have to get me some polymer clay ;)
Now - are you sure there are no lions in your garden Bi? Check this out ~ https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=parsley+the+lion&oq=Parsley+the&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.4609j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8
I thought of this as soon as I started to read your post ;) Mwahahahaa
Susanne Rose said…
Bibi, I love them!!! That would be a brilliant idea for my herb storage!
Viele Grüße, Susanne.
KimberlyO said…
What a great project!! Makes me want to grow an herb garden. (Although I don't really know what to do with them...) :)
Pamikins said…
Bibi, these are brilliant and absolutely fabulous!!!! Especially love the herbal text stamp...WOW!!! The peeled paint ink is perfect for that stamp. I love how creative and "out of the box" this post is! Hugs, Pamikins
StayC said…
Love, love, love!!! What fun and fabulous projects! and the zebra. ..and your inky fingers! LOVE!
Unknown said…
It's the other way around, lions eat zebras???? Hmm, I ALMOST got it right, then ... LOL
Thank you for yor compliments, Marina :-) And you know it - an ink stained hand is a happy hand!
Unknown said…
Thank you! :) Those zebras are a must in any herb garden! Joke aside, I have heard that human hair keeps deer away, and people collect the hair from their local hair dresser. It's the smell of humans, you know, that scares them off, or so they say ... I never tried.
Unknown said…
Thank you! I hadn't heard about Parsley the Lion before. How cute!!
Unknown said…
Danke schön, Susanne! Glad you liked it!
Unknown said…
Thanks, Kimberly! If you like the look and smell of herbs, you don't have to actually use them... ;)
Unknown said…
Thank you, Pam! I also think Peeled Paint was perfect for that stamp, so I'm going to make lots of those gift bags. Could work on cards, too, of course!
Unknown said…
LOVE your comment, Stacy my dear :-)) Thanks!
Cataleya said…
WOW!!! Dear Bibi, it's SO COOL idea!!! I love your amazing projects so much! This stamps are so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, it's really AMAZING!!! :)
~Olga Kovalchuk
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you so much, Olga! :) It makes me really happy when people love what I make, and take the time to leave a message to say so! <3 It was such a fun project to make.
Unknown said…
Great project Bibi. I never thought to stamp on polymer clay. Your plant labels look fab and will be weather proof too! Love the idea of the herb bags too. Hugs Helen x
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Helen! It had been a while since I stamped on polymer clay, but after making these it won't be long till I do it again. Such fun!!

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