Thursday, March 12, 2015

Expect The Unexpected

Oh my goodness, time flies by, it is almost spring (well today here it definitely is) and it is already 3 months since Christmas! It is so nice to see you here. My name is Gabriele, I am a mixed media artist from Germany and a proud member of the Rubber Dance Design Team.
As a mixed media artist I very often have problems with stamping on collage and acrylic paint as the surface is not even. Working in a journal makes it even more complicated, as the pages bend. When I attach my stamps to an acrylic stamp block, I usually get a scattered image of the stamp. So I would have to either stamp on a piece of paper and collage that or find another solution. Not using an acrylic block helps, as I can follow the uneven background by pressing the stamps down with my fingers. But still, it will not be perfect.
Not so perfect images are more an inspiration and a challenge than a disaster for me. In the center of the page you see a partially stamped image of a couple. Instead of covering up the little accident I added some doodling in white. I really love how it turned out.
Here is a closeup of the center piece. The stamp is Vintage Romance, nicely faded. This way it is not so dominant and I can place an eye to complete my creature that popped up (with a little help).
I love the Grunge Swirls and use this stamp a lot to give boring parts some interest and texture.
Also very useful and perfect to pimp collages are the Old Book Page Stamp and the new sheet Round In Circles. The postage stamp is from the sheet Collage Mix
I used Archival Ink pads,  Moonlight White, Vermillion and Black. For my doodling a white Posca Pen.
Thanks for your visit. I hope you had some fun and it would be lovely to see you next month. You are also very welcome to visit me on my blog
I wish you a very happy and creative spring time!

Gabriele from Art-a-tag

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  1. Thank you, Gabriele! ♥
    I loved reading this part: "Not so perfect images are more an inspiration and a challenge than a disaster for me."
    Seeing what you did instead, I am glad the image didn't stamp "perfectly", or else that white doodling and the eye might not have happened. Love how that turned out!
    In my experience, the less bold areas a stamp has, the easier it is to use it on an uneven surface. Photo stamps typically have a lot of bold areas and need a flat and even surface to stamp well. I often stamp on watercolor paper, so I prefer open line stamps for that since the paper is a bit "bumpy".
    Anyway - always intersting to see how you combine different materials in your work, like magazine and newspaper clippings, paint and ink, and then finding animals and other shapes in all that coming to life!

    1. Thank you Bibi! It was really fun to make this:

  2. Stop being so amazing - you are making the rest of us look bad!!! LOVE this.

    1. Are you fishing for compliments, hehe. I adore YOUR work! Thank you Katy!

    2. Teehee, you girls are so cute :) I LOVE the fact that what the two of you make is always very different in style and techniques. We can learn so much from one another, and still keep our work different and unique to show the endless possibilities when using stamps in our creations.
      Both of you ROCK and I'm SO happy to have you both on my Design Team!! ♥

  3. This is wonderful Gabriele :D I always enjoy seeing a fab collage piece :D I wish I could attend a real life, hands on collage class, I know it's not my forte, and would love to improve greatly and get hints and tips, first hand.
    Maybe you could do some videos Gabriele? (hint hint) lol :) xx

    1. Thank you Mo! I was thinking about doing that, but I have no camera and would have to buy one first. No money at the moment :-(

    2. Aww, that's a shame Gabriele. I will keep my fingers crossed for a 'maybe one day' ((hugs)) x

  4. Beautiful page, collage is not my thing i find it really difficult so thank you for the pep talk lol. I agree with MO please do some videos when you are able :-) xxx

  5. Nice article, glad I hopped over from your blog to see. xox


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