Brusho + Bibi = True Love

Hi everyone! Bibi here to share some cards I've made using Brusho and Twinkling H2Os. What a match made in heaven!! Before I go on and on about these products,  I want to stress that I am not affiliated with the manufacturers, nor any of their retailers - just a very happy customer! :-)

I heard about Brusho for the first time just a couple of weeks ago when I saw it being used on several projects on a few blogs, and I really, really liked what I saw. Making splashy backgrounds is something I enjoy very much, so when I saw those vibrant coloured backgrounds people made with Brusho, I knew I had to get some!!

If you are not familiar with Brusho, they are highly pigmented watercolour/ink powders, currently available in 24 different colours. To use as regular watercolour, one should mix the pigments with hot water to make sure all the ingredients dissolve. I have not done that yet (I got my Brushos 3 days ago!), I've only used the powder as it is, straight out of the bottle. You'll see...........

I made colour samples for each container and poked a hole in the middle of the lids so I can use the containers as salt shakers to sprinkle the pigment onto my watercolour paper.

I'm having a ball making backgrounds!

Here is one of the techniques I've used for my cards: Sprinkle Brusho powder on the paper, spray with water, add a piece of plastic film on top (while the paint is still wet), wrinkle it up and let it sit for 15 minutes or so.

Another technique I used: Sprinkle Brusho onto watercolour paper, spray with water, then use an airbrush thingie to spread the paint out. (What are those air brushes called??) This is just one colour, but you get so many different ones when you use the powder straight out of the containers since the colours are mixed up by several pigments - like here to make purple.
Here's a better example - this is black Brusho only. See all those colours! So cool.

And this is what my keyboard looked like after my going wild with the airbrush technique... Ooops!

OK, let's see the cards I made with my Brusho backgrounds:

Different backgrounds on this card; the bottom layer made with sprinkle and spray and the top one (purple) with an airbrush, same for the piece I stamped the sentiment on. After having cut out my background panels, there were some leftovers of them, so I punched out some circles and stamped on top of them. The dragonflies are stamped and cut out, then coloured with Twinkling H2Os. Love the shimmer of those paints!

I curled the wings of the dragonflies, so I guess this card won't be sent in the mail ..

I just love the contrast between the matte finish of the Brusho paint and the shimmer in the H2Os!

Here's another card:

These flower dies are from Elizabeth Craft Design and the Thanks is a new die from Quietfire Design. I love the calligraphy stamps Suzanne Cannon makes and HAD to get one of her new dies, too!

These flower dies come in two different sizes (same set). I stamped on the larger one after having painted both with Twinkling H2os (the shimmer is much better in person)

My third card:

Flower and Butterfly stamps from the Antique Botanicals set
Isn't that airbrush background cool? I am officially in love with Brusho!
The green cardstock is a white one that I painted with Twinkling H2Os to match the green flower leaves.

I cut the stamped flowers and butterflies out and added several layers to my card.
The photo does NOT give the H2Os justice. Those flowers and butterflies really sparkle!

And finally, my last card for today:

I didn't want to add any flowers or butterflies to this one, as I think the Brusho background is so pretty it shouldn't be covered by anything. I stamped the sentiment on a different background and added a white panel under it before adhering it to the main background.

I hope you have liked seeing me experiment with Brusho for the first time, and watching me fall deeply in love ♥    I'll certainly try other techniques with this fabulous pigment powder and share another time.

Thank you for stopping by today! If you are more experienced with Brusho, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below - and I welcome you to share links to anything you have made with Brusho.
And of course (goes without saying), if you haven't used Brusho I welcome a comment from you, too! :-)

Stuff I've used:
Brusho Colours from Colourcraft Ltd
Cheap watercolour paper + Water spray + Air Brush thingie
Twinkling H2Os from ColourArte
Flower dies from Elizabeth Craft Design
Thanks die from Quietfire Design
All stamps are from Rubber Dance, and to that company I am definitely affiliated since I own it ... ;-)



Dagmar said…
Wow wow wow your cards are so fantastic!!!! I love the one with the many butterflies so much <3
Majo said…
OMG Bibi, you had a blast and it was well worth it. Beautiful backgrounds and even more beautiful cards! ♥
Susanne Rose said…
Wow! That's really cool! Wonderful. Your cards are stunning.
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Dagmar! ♥ I've found myself using that butterfly stamp a lot lately. Maybe I long for summer?
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Majo! ♥ I sure had a blast, and I'm going to have more! :-)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Susanne! ♥ I had so much fun making these!
Ellie Knol said…
Bibi, these backgrounds look great!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Ellie! ♥ It was hard to stop once I got going!
2amscrapper said…
You ARE having fun, Bibi! Your backgrounds look great. And I love seeing your cards for inspiration since I have this stamp set. Helene
Craftyfield said…
Brushos have this effect on people... They are fun and fascinating to watch as they get wet! It's funny because they've been around for a long time and I wasn't sure whether to try them. Now they're mainstream and have gone international!
All of the cards are beautiful and you chose good colour combination.
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Helene! ♥ Yes, I sure am having fun! Glad you can find some inspiration in what I made :)
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Craftyfield! ♥ I just talked to a friend in the US on Skype last night, and she said she had had Brusho for a long time. So strange that I have missed out on them before, but you're right - they've gone mainstream and international now. Which is good - this is such a coooool product!
Lizzy Hill said…
These look absolutely FABULOUS - I've not seen these before either...loooove the air brush technique & the finished cards are so vibrant. Ummm....shame about the keyboard, LOL!!!!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Lizzy! ♥ Yeah, that air brush technique is so much fun!! Could be done with a drinking straw, of course, but I'm afraid I'd get rather dizzy after just a couple of those! As for my keyboard, I'm starting to like all the colours on it ;-)
Anna M said…
I knew you were using Brusho as soon as I saw your card in the Quietfire design newsletter! I have been using Brusho for a couple of years in my watercolour paintings, and really, what is not to love about Brusho. I fell in love with it immediately too. Enjoy getting to know it even better. I love the backgrounds on your cards, especially the last one, "Always believe...." I haven't tried the plastic wrap with Brusho, but I will be now!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Anna! ♥ Those plastic wrap backgrounds are so much fun, you have to try it with Brusho!
Nice to hear that you found your way here via the Quietfire Design newsletter. It was so cool to see my own Thanks card there. I've been a big fan of Quietfire's calligraphy stamps for many years, and it was really exciting to see that they had made dies out of some some calligraphy words as well! :-)
Pamela said…
Love them all but especially that last card with the great background and the layered saying!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Pam! ♥ So nice to see you here! I, too, like that last one a lot - those backgrounds are so fun to make and the vivid colours are yummmy! :-)
Gisele Chastain said…
Hi! What did you use to make your color labels?
Bibi Lindahl said…
Hi! I used Brusho on thin watercolour paper and punched them out with a circle punch that happened to fit the lids :)

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