Rubber Dance Stamps are now in Australia!

Hi everyone,
It's Dot here ... I'm on the Rubber Dance design team ...
but did you know that I am also the Australian stockist of Rubber Dance Stamps?

Over the past 2 years I've been busy building up my range of Rubber Dance Stamps
with help and support from Bibi (thanks Bibi!)
to make them readily available within Australia.
I'm really proud of the fantastic range that is now on hand
and of being able to bring these awesome red rubber stamps to my part of the world.

You can find Rubber Dance Stamps in my shop

I'll be taking my entire range of Rubber Dance Stamps to
in Melbourne on the 13th - 14th of October at the Sandown Raceway.
If you are in the area please stop by and say 'Hi'!  It would be great to meet you.

I will be having a 10% discount on all Rubber Dance stamps during the show (only at the show).

Here is a little walk down memory lane
with some of my favourite Rubber Dance inspiration for you ...


Some of these will also be on display at the show in Melbourne.

Just a reminder that Rubber Dance shifted the challenge each month over to the facebook group
'Rubber Dance Stamping Lounge'
pop on over and say 'hi' and see even more inspiration using Rubber Dance stamps.

Happy Stamping!
Dot x


Dora said…
Beautiful creations with the stamps.
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you for taking our stamps to the other side of the globe, Dot! I'm very happy that you are able to offer such a wide range of stamps in your shop. LOVE your cards!! Wish I could come see them - and you - in person at the Melbourne show this weekend!
I wish you all the best, great fun, and may the stamps fly off the shelves! ♥ ♥ ♥
Ink Art Designs said…
Thank you so much Dora x
Ink Art Designs said…
Thanks Bibi. It will be a great weekend x

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