Technique Thursday - A Brusho Card by Sue

Good afternoon and happy Thursday. It's Sue here with a simple tutorial for my Brusho card.

The main thing to remember with these little pots of joy is that less really is more - a little goes such a long way!!! Yes 3 exclamation marks, need I say more!

 I stamped the 3 butterflies from Butterfly Trio onto watercolour card and then embossed with clear embossing powder. If you don't want to emboss make sure to use a waterproof ink like Ranger Achival as this is waterproof when dry. With Brusho's you use a LOT of water, so a good watercolour card is needed. I taped my card down to my craft mat as the water makes the card twist and turn, this gives great effects and dribbles, but it isn't what I want for this card.

 I sprinked a tiny bit of yellow Brusho crystals onto my card. Do not take the lid off the pot, just poke a hole in the top with a pokey tool and sprinkle. Remember this is a 3 exclamation mark rule!

 Then take your spritzer and spritz away! There are only two colours here, yellow and orange. Many of the colours have more than 1 colour in them which is where the little bits of green have come from.

 I liked the green so I added a tiny bit of leaf green and spritzed again.

Of course if you mix orange and green you will get brown. Now brown can be a fabulous colour, but it's not what I want here.

 So as soon as you get a colour that you don't want, dab it up straight away with a piece of kitchen roll. This should sort it out, and if it is still a bit muddy, give it another blast of water then blot again.

 There we are, mud removed. I wanted to add some blue now. The Brusho blues are such strong beautiful colours, but I didn't want to overpower my yellows, so I added just a tiny bit of turquoise.

 I love how the embossing repels the water and makes it follow the line of the embossing powder. I say 'makes it' but to be fair Brusho's do pretty much what they like, which is all part of the fun!

 This is the hard part now, walk away and leave it to dry. You can roll it with kitchen roll, or use a heat tool, but this takes some of the vibrancy out of the colours. So just stick it in a sunny corner, or if you live in the UK over a radiator (we don't have sun) and let it dry naturally.

 I wanted to layer up my butterflies so I made another background, but on ordinary card as my watercolour card is quite thick. When dry I cut them out and gave them a layer of Glamour Dust paint to give them a bit of a twinkle and also a bit of extra strength.

I can safely add my blue now - it's only stitching, and the obligatory sequins. I challenge you to name anything that doesn't look better with sequins. I've also added some of Tim's word stickers - Tim always has just the right words.
Remember YouTube is a fabulous place for lots of inspiration and tutorials on how to use your Brusho's - they really are amazing. Enjoy the rest of your day, and thanks very much for looking 

Stamps Used - Butterfly Trio 


Beautiful card Sue❣ The Brusho's are so much fun!
Bibi Lindahl said…
Gorgeous, Sue! Thank you so much for sharing! Great tips on how to use Brushos! <3
Those intricate butterflies are fabulous amidst the splashes of rainbow colour - great tips for using the Brushos too, thank you.
Alison x
Fliss said…
Really gorgeous card Sue and the Brusho effects really are lovely and so subtle on here too. Love my Brushos as well and think I need to get them out now!
Fliss xx
Stunner of a card Susan, I was actually banned once in my very own house from using them 😬
Donna xx
Ahhh Brusho's little pots of *Magic* have to agree it is hard to walk away from them and let them dry on their own but the wait is always worth waiting for. Great way to use Melina's Butterflies your created card is fabulous Sue.
Sorry i'm late my internet keeps going to sleep!!! <<<< :D
Sunshine & Hugs this weekend Tracey xxx
Ink Art Designs said…
The butterflies look fab on the brusho background Sue. I love how the brusho's react with a mind of their own!
Dot x

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