Time To ... Say Goodbye .....

Hello everyone. It's Bibi here today (the owner of Rubber Dance), and it's a sad day for me because some of the people on my Design Team are leaving. Well, there have been many sad days before today because we have known for some time...   It's nothing personal - I just have to keep a smaller team from now on. The rest of us will continue to blog at least twice a week, like before (here and on our Scandinavian blog). 

This post is a tribute to the five awesome women who are leaving the Rubber Dance Design Team - Kristiina who has been here for past year (mostly posting on our Scandinavian blog), Majo and Irit who have been on the team since the very beginning in August 2014, and Katy and Gabriele, who were also on the team from the beginning - although on and off for the last few months, but always supportive and helpful behind the scenes.

These five talented women will not stop creating and sharing their art! You will find a link to their own blogs below. Chances are we will see them again as Guest Designers here as well. 

Here are just some of the makes these five fab women have created during their time on the Rubber Dance DT (except July - you can see those on the monthly recap tomorrow). It was VERY hard to pick just a few makes by each, as these ladies have made so many!!! I will miss them all very much and I will always be very grateful for all the work they have done for me and Rubber Dance.


Links to their blogs:

A new 6 months' term for the remaining members on the Design Team begins on August 1st. I hope you will come back and get to know these women better - some of them have only posted on our Scandinavian blog till now, and some you will know from before. 

With love and immense gratitude,


Majo said…
Great variety of very artsy creations! Thank you, dear Bibi ♥
Unknown said…
Like the Terminator....... I'll be back ;) x
klistersøster said…
It has been a good and exciting journey to be with you. I wish you all good luck in the future. Hugs
Mac Mable said…
They'll be missed. Fabulous and very creative projects, thank you for all the wonderful inspiration x
Craftyfield said…
They all have contributed to make the Rubber Dance blog (and brand) what it is today, and this is something to celebrate! I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours, and I guess we will still see them in blogland.
Amazing art by some of the best artists I have had the pleasure of being in a team with. I wish you all by heart good luck with new and exciting challenges. Hope to see you around!
Hugs, Anita ❤️
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank YOU, dear Majo! ♥
Bibi Lindahl said…
teehee! And yes, you will! x
Bibi Lindahl said…
Absolutely! I would never, ever have made it on my own without a fabulous DT!
I will be forever grateful for their contribution ♥
Artatag said…
You won't get rid of me so easy - one of these days I'll be back! Oh thanks for this wonderful tribute Bibi! ❤️❤️❤️ And the remaining team: stay as you are and keep creating you wonderful works!
Lizzy Hill said…
What a fabulous array of projects from a group of amazingly creative girls! Wonderful 'farewell' post :):)
Jackie PN said…
Best wishes to those leaving- all of you ladies create such inspiring art. I always look forward to viewing my emails! xx

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