Introducing a New Concept - with Helen Allen!

Hi everyone! Bibi here today (owner of Rubber Dance), and I'm so happy to announce a new collaboration with the lovely Helen Allen over at The Craft Project! 

You may know that Helen has been on my Design Team since August 2014, and perhaps you have wondered where she's been hiding since you haven't seen her around for a while....  Here's the reason why: 

Today we are ready to launch a brand new concept and bring you Stamps and Tutorials  - all in one awesome package!

What you'll get:

* Access to 10 online classes (video tutorials) by Helen Allen.
* Pdf file with project photos, cutting guides, printables and suggest materials lists, also by Helen Allen.
* A whole set of rubber stamps, shipped to you from Rubber Dance and yours truly.

The Tutorials:

​Helen Allen is a teacher and designer with nearly 9500 followers (and counting) on her YouTube Channel!! She guides you through each of the 10 projects, giving you lots of great tips along the way.

The Stamps:

Will be sent to you from me (Bibi at Rubber Dance). This time Helen has made her classes using these Mushroom stamps and you'll get the whole set of unmounted, great quality, red rubber stamps (set measures 13 x 15 cm, so it's quite big)

The Concept:

​Do you often find yourself buying stamps with only one project in mind and then can't think what to do with them?!  Then this idea is just for you! Now you can buy your stamps with 10 video tutorials that give you all the inspiration you need to get the most out of your purchase!  

Within this set of comprehensive tutorials there are plenty of techniques for you to try with your new Mushroom stamps: In addition to many fun and cool cards, you can make a pretty home decor plaque, Mini Note Books and even a Mixed Media Journal Page.  

You can kick start your creativity when you buy your Mushroom Stamps by Rubber Dance with 10 video tutorials by Helen Allen.

This is the first of many Stamp and Tutorial packages we will be bringing you. We really hope you enjoy purchasing in this way.  Let us know what you think in the comments down below. 

Helen has also made an intro video, which you can watch right here:

Do you want to buy your Classes & Stamps Package right now? Then please click this link, which will take you directly to its listing in Helen's Etsy shop.

We look forward to crafting with you very soon!

Please share this post with your friends to help us spread the word! Thank you!



Jane said…
What a brilliant idea Bibi. Off to
ionabunny said…
What a great idea. Like you say I often buy stamps and then run out of ideas to use them with. So this is like buying a set of stamps and getting a whole load of video classes free? Cool idea. Hugz
Great initiative! You make lovely videos Helen and Bibi makes lovely stamps!
All the best for your new venture ladies.
Jane said…
Couldn't resist. .I am your first buyer ;-) xx
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, ionabunny! The classes aren't free as such, but you get both the stamps and all those classes at a very reasonable price. Good value for your money and so much fun to learn - I have seen all the videos in this package and learned a lot on how to use my own stamps! LOL
Bibi Lindahl said…
Thank you, Shilpa! I love Helen's video tutorials :)
Bibi Lindahl said…
That's awesome, Jane! Thank you so much! xx
Artatag said…
Super idea, ladies!! xoxox
That's just duperduper! What a great idea 👍🏻😘
Hugs 💖
Majo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Majo said…
You guys always come up with the best ideas, luv ya ♥
ionabunny said…
And some printable stuff as well! Sounds like a great deal. Hugz
TangledBlueRose said…
This looks so fun and looks like a great value! Saving up :)
Craftyfield said…
A super idea! I have seen photo galleries for stamps before but not videos so it's ground-breaking.
klistersøster said…
Congratulations on your new concept. A fantastic good idea and a good help if you have run out of ideas.
Hugs, Susan

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