Meet our new DT members!

Hello everyone! It's Bibi here today (the owner of Rubber Dance) and I'm delighted to introduce our newest additions to the Design Team! 

These fabulous four will sometimes share their artwork right here on our international blog, but for the most part they'll post over at our Scandinavian one, so if you understand Norwegian, Danish or Swedish you can follow us there (you're of course welcome to do so even if our Scandinavian languages are gibberish to you - artwork photos speak all languages!) Check out their own blogs, too. No worries - those are all in English ;-)

Our regular readers may recognize these fab folks, either from our monthly challenges or comments they've left - or perhaps from elsewhere in blogland.

 ♥ Please give a warm welcome to the Scandinavian Design Team! ♥

Hello! My name is Kristiina. I am a math teacher, and live with my husband and our four children in Kotka, Finland. After some consideration I decided to apply for the Rubber Dance Scandinavian DT... my doubts being how I would manage blogging in Swedish, which I can speak fluently but haven't had to write for 15 years. I have always been interested in handicrafts: sewing, knitting, woodcraft... And actually bought my first stamps only about a year ago. I've been using them since, and have especially fallen for mixed media. I mostly do cards, but also work in an art journal and a couple of altered books. I am really proud to be a member of this team and I'm looking forward to playing with these wonderful stamps. See you around!

My name is Susan Janicula AKA Klistersøster. Resident in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I'm married to a very understanding man who fortunately are interested in what I do, even when my many piles of scraps and colors are spilling over my workbench. I have a lovely daughter who is an adult, and also supports me in my creativity. I got my first stamp set at a hobby fair in 2003, which were two sizes flower pots with matching loose plants, so was my interest born. It was a wonderful world that opened up for me and my collection of stamps, paper and various paint media has grown since then. I am open to new methods and my approach to materials and projects is experimental. I work with mixed media, art journaling, steampunk, grunge and altered art. I love all kinds of paper and how it can be used. I think it's challenging to get stamps to be part of my work - it gives a new dimension, and I’m happy to be with Bibi's talented design team, and to use Rubber Dance Art Stamps.

The other two members of the Scandinavian team have been mentioned in a previous post, but in case you missed it - here they are in bright daylight:

Hello, my name is Anita, aka Niti, I am the mother of two grownup kids and one young child and grandmother to the world's cutest grandchild of five years. I am married with Magne and together we live in the world's most beautiful city, Bergen. I've always been an artist, ever since I drew a big Garfield on the new and ugly wallpaper in my childhood bedroom .... My parents were initially outraged, but after thinking about and looking more closely at the drawing I was advised to take the arts school after primary school. That didn't happen, but I have always enjoyed drawing, painting and other crafts. During the the last few years I have fallen madly in love with stamps and I'm addicted to the smell of rubber stamps, paper, paint and ink and being creative and making something beautiful. I am an art journal and canvas artist. I love bright colors and Mixed Media / Abstract Art. I hope and believe that I can inspire others to get into the art world - for this is both therapy, mindfulness, meditation and immense pleasure at once. I am both proud and happy to be a part of Bibi's Rubber Dance Design Team. 

Hi, my name is Gail, aka ionabunny, and I live in Rogaland, Norway with my partner. I moved to Norway 10 years ago from England. I have always enjoyed crafting, but making cards and playing with paper and colours are my favourite things to do.   like to learn new techniques and describe my style as often simple, seldom clean. I make mostly cards, ATC's and tags and love mixed media. I am very pleased to be a part of the Rubber Dance design team and hope that some of you will find inspiration in the things I make.  Hugz 

To meet the "old gang" team - the six DT members who've been with me for a whole year now, you can click here.

Again, here is the link to our Scandinavian blog - pop over and say hi - or hei as we say in Norwegian and hej in Swedish and Danish. (This was your first lesson in Scandinavian! Want more? Check out the Scandi blog and see if you can understand some of it - you might be surprised!)

See you there! :-)

Till next time .... 



Majo said…
Welcome ladies to this awesome team. Our "Boss" is simply the best ♥
Anonymous said…
Hi new teamies - Majo is right - this is a dream team! Off to look at your blogs.
Susanne Rose said…
Welcome to this wonderful team. Everytime I post something with Bibi's stamps I am so proud to be on this team. It's the best!!!
YOU are the reason everbody smile, Bibi! <3
Welcome to Kristiina and Susan. This is the best team ever!! :-)
Artatag said…
Of course, it is the best team with the sweetest boss ever!!! A warm welcome to the new teamies!! I am sure you like it here! ♥♥♥
Julie S said…
I've run into ionabunny in several different places - it's great to have a face to put with the name! :) Looking forward to seeing the new design team's lovely work.
Craftyfield said…
Good luck to the new DT members!
Unknown said…
Wow - a new blog and a new team - so fun. Congratulations to all and high five to Bibi!! j.
Jane said…
What a great team you have Bibi looking forward to seeing all their makes xx
ionabunny said…
Hei to Susan and Kristiina. Welcome to the scandi team. Ooh look it's me again. What a blast. I see Julie spotted that I have finally let my face escape!. Famous at last ROFL. Looking forward to seeing my new teamies in action. Hugz

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